Developing A Long Term Financial Future With Richard Blair

When it comes to managing one’s finances, it’s often a good idea to think in the long-term. Longer term thinking helps build wealth. When people can think past the immediate time frame, they are often surprised and delighted that they can wind up with a great rate of return on their investments. Richard Blair fully understands this perspective. The Austin, Texas based investment manager has long been a proponent of developing a fiscal strategy that helps people build a solid foundation of wealth. He wants people to think about varied financial goals. Many such goals, such as retirement, may require many years of hard planning to pull off. A person may also have other kinds of long-term goals. For example, people realize they may need to have long-term care should they develop a chronic disease as they age. They may also need to have other specifics such as life insurance to provide for their heirs in the event that something goes wrong when they are still relatively young. With his help, each of his clients can develop a specific fiscal strategy that is focused on their personal long-term goals in life. He speaks happily of his work and his view in an article.


A Comprehensive Plan


A comprehensive plan for today’s investors, as Richard Blair knows well, is all about being able to work with the market. Today’s market is one that allows people to save in the short-term and for greater periods of time as well. He knows that clients today can work out a strategy that helps them plan how to use the market to their own best advantage. When people are able to create such a plan, they can be assured of having the kind of assistance they need from their savings as they grow older. His personal help can provide specific guidance that lets clients determine exactly how to proceed as the move forward. He understands that it is possible to use the market with great efficiency. With his supervision and his expertise, his clients have been able to create deeply satisfying plans that enable them to realize their truly important goals over time. An ability to see plan forward and watch it come to fruition is one way to achieve many important fiscal goals in life. He can help any client be where they want to be in their lives as they continue to grow.


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American Institute of Architects: Promoting Design

Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President/Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects. The AIA is an organization that represents the architectural profession. Its members include licensed architects and their support staff, designers, and people in the construction industry. Robert Ivy earned this position February 1, 2011. As the chief executive officer, he manages the $56 million dollar budget and 206 staff members. The office is in Washington, DC.

One area the AIA works to help architects is in public outreach, where they try to educate and inform the public about the profession. The organization also offers continuing education, help with community redevelopment, and government advocacy. They also coordinate communication between the building industry, design, and construction.

The American Institute of Architects has over 90,000 members. There are five levels of membership available from the licensed architect level all the way to supporting staff. They also offer international membership to individuals who carry a similar license outside of the United States.

In 1992, the American Institute of Architects collaborated with Ivy on publishing his book called Fay Jones: Architect.

When not managing the AIA, Ivy is serving on several advisory boards. He serves on the Mississippi State University and Tulane University architectural boards. International, he is on the board at the Tongji University School of Architecture and Urban Planning in Shanghai, China.

Active in supporting his profession and colleagues, Ivy was a juror on the panel that choose Frank Gehry to design the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial, and he is a Senior Fellow of the Design Futures Council.

In his early years, Robert Ivy was principal at Dean & Ivy until 1996, where some of his duties included critiquing many national publications.

American Business Media bestowed Robert with the Crain Award. They recognized Ivy for his outstanding lifelong contributions to the media and the press. The Crain Award goes to people who contribute to editorial development in business.

Alpha Rho Chi, the national architecture fraternity, unanimously named Robert Ivy “Master Architect”. This fraternity looks to honor individuals that express the value of design. He is humbled to share this award with Dr. Nathan Clifford Ricker, who was the first graduate from the American School of Architecture. I. M. Pei, Richard Buckminster Fuller, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, John Wellborn Root, Eliel Saarinen, and Eliel Saarinen are also notables who have won the prestigious award.


End Citizens United Endorses Conor Lamb In Key Pennsylvania Race

There is a special election going on in Pennsylvania. Conor Lamb is running for the place of Tim Murphy, the Republican incumbent. Conor Lamb is a Democrat. He is being endorsed by End Citizens United. Now, Pennsylvania is known as a Republican stronghold. Theoretically, it should not be that hard for Republicans to hold onto the seat. However, it is clear that Republicans are concerned about the outcome of this election. They do not know what is going to happen.

Rick Saccone is the one that Conor Lamb is going to be running against. President Donald Trump said that he endorses Conor Lamb. He said that in a tweet. Clearly, he is concerned about the election there himself.

Since President Trump was elected, the Republicans have suffered a number of defeats. Trump is hoping that there will not be another embarrassing defeat this time.

When Lamb spoke at a gathering, hundreds of people showed up. They trekked for miles in the snow just to meet him, hear him speak, and shake his hand. They are delighted to get some opposition in Pennsylvania.

It is true that Lamb has a battle ahead of him. However, it is also true that there has not been such a large crowd for a Democrat in Pennsylvania for a long time. In fact, it has been decades since such a crowd showed up.

So what is End Citizens United? What is this group that is endorsing Lamb, and what are their objectives? Why are they endorsing him, and what is this Citizens United that they want to end?

End Citizens United is a political action committee that focuses on reversing the Supreme Court decision that is known as Citizens United. It is a bad decision that allowed Super PACs to contribute a lot of money to politicians without the need to disclose that they donated or how much money they donated.

This is a disastrous decision. After all, it places politicians in the pockets of their massive donors. Corporations now have the ability to control politicians by donating a lot of money and then pressuring them to sign bills that would benefit them. The bad thing is that nobody will know about this because they are not required to disclose their decisions. That is what End Citizens United wants to change. They want to stop this corruption from taking place.

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