The 2018 Midterm Elections & End Citizens United

End Citizens United Career History & Background
In politics, there are so many factors that play into who gets elected into office and why. Without having to discuss that topic in and of itself, simply put, political elections would be very different without political action committees. In the United States of America, these political action committees play the role of gathering campaign contributions from representatives and donates those funds to campaign for or against candidates. As we can see, these committees can make or break elections and its candidates. Known in the political world as PACS, they have influenced elections in ways that have not ever been done before since their creation. Having said that, with the various (PACS) that there are in politics, perhaps none have been as impactful as the End Citizens United political action committee.

This PAC, which was originally created to reverse the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision in the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, has grown into one of the most influential and supportive PAC’s in the nation. Having had a hand in pretty much every election since PACS were created, the End Citizens United PAC has been at the forefront of choosing leaders as prestige as the President. So, to further understand how and why they have accomplished so much as a political committee, here is more on End Citizens United and their 2018 midterm election candidates.

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More on End Citizens United & Midterm Candidates
As alluded to before, there are many factors that have contributed to the committee’s overall success. With tremendous support and contributions are given to candidates over the years with plenty of success, there is no denying that End Citizens United knows how to play the political system. Also, in preaching the idea of corporations against people, End Citizens United has persuaded many to join and except PAC contributions from them. Of the many candidates that have accepted PAC contributions from them, some of the more notable candidates for the 2018 midterm election include Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, and Dean Heller just to name a few of many. As we can see from just a few of the many prominent members of this committee, End Citizens United has become one of the most highly-regarded PAC’s in politics. All in all, they are once again expected to make a big impact on the upcoming election with plans to continue to do so far into the future.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi And His Transformative Contributions For Bradesco

We have so many things to consider when we want to start a business. We have risks to consider, and things that would put a limit on the growth of our business. Fortunately for Bradesco, Brazil’s leading bank, it is able to get the support of many people and the expertise of renowned bank specialists, such as Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

The Contribution of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

It is said that for a business to fly, the executives should take risks. They should never engage in virtue signaling and instead of starting a non-profit to save the world, it might as well be better to just start or expand a business. This is the series of lessons that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has learned during his tenure at Bradesco. Truly, what Luiz Cappi is doing all his time for Bradesco is expand the growth of the company. This contribution has been seen when before he started working for Bradesco as clerk, the bank had just lost the lead in the competition for best performance to its rival Unibanco. When he came in, he ruled out the run for first place and now has made Bradesco the second largest bank in Brazil.

One of the biggest contributions and decisions, too , of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi for Bradesco is the fact that after the election of Lazaro Brandao as the bank’s Chairman of the Board, Mr. Cappi initiated the purchase of HSBC in Brazil for about the US $5.2 billion, which is right now one of the biggest purchases of Bradesco. With such market share and purchase, there’s little surprise why Bradesco outperformed Unibanco in three categories, which include branch network and total investment funds. In the other aspects, such as deposits and loans granted, authorities reported that Bradesco was also close to the top.

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Another significant addition of Mr. Cappi was the fact that he initiated a public forum kind of discussion in Bradesco where each employee can voice out their concerns and where potential calumnies and corporate complaints could be addressed according to It is said that the best way to handle issues is for third parties to avoid intervening. Intervention for the wrong reasons in an attempt to help could end up harming more. Many cooks spoil the broth, and for this matter, the issues of a company could escalate. Mr. Cappi understands these issues, and in relation to this, what he does is make sure that he offers complete avenues for people to directly voice out their concerns without letting any agent or middle man misinterpret the concerns. In this effort, he gathers all the employees inside a room in the form of ritual and let them voice out the urgent concerns of the workforce.

About Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Cappi has been with Bradesco since 1969, and he’s gone through the standard hierarchy structure of the company until he became its CEO. Since leading Bradesco, there’s about 30% growth in Bradesco’s profit. His position has also managed to create a corporate university that created a series of renewed relations among the bank’s workforce.

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Choose Securus Wireless Containment Technology For Your Facility

Why More Facilities Are Partnering With Securus


More customers are taking a closer look at the popular Securus Technologies network because of their affordable technologically advanced solution for inmate calls. At one point, Securus was responsible for regulation services under the state Public Utility Commission. They’ve been able to meet the demands of an ever changing inmate calling network. Securus continues to use their surveillance and monitoring technology to secure the safety of the general public and provide a secure network. Thousands of customers have processed over 34 million minutes each year through the Securus network.


Key Executives At Securus Technologies


Rick A. Pickens, CEO and professional business partner is a recent graduate of the University of Ill Illinois School of Business with a Bachelor’s Degree in business and finance. He has used his combined education and experience to lead the inmate calling industry. He also has recently acquired a certification 1 accreditation that will allow a global access inmate calling network. Pickens understood the need for secure inmate calling for overseas detainees. He was also responsible for their crime prevention model designed to eliminate illegal contraband, gambling, and many telecommunications crimes were they start.


Wireless Containment Technology


Your wireless containment model allows you to stop facility cellphone use by inmates. They provide advanced technology features to reduce crime and help add additional security monitoring to a specific facility. You’ll be able to focus on the daily operations of a facility with remote access capabilities. Securus will set-up the technology and operate it remotely outside of the facility with no need for added support. Current personnel will still be able to operate their cellphone unless otherwise instructed by their unique facility. Their current wireless containment technology is being tested at select facilities, but is set to make a full launch in a few months.


Securus Technologies Features


Kiosk Access


The kiosk system feature allows inmates to have access to their financial balance at any time. They can use their state issued id card and use the kiosk machine conveniently from their pod. Select facilities will also allow inmates to order products from the kiosk machine.


Inmate Email


You can send an inmate an email which is the equivalent to a letter and requires one virtual postage stamp. Inmate email options allow you to communicate faster than traditional mail options. Go directly to the Securus Technologies website for more details on how to use the inmate email feature.


Their website has descriptive tabs with their features and rates clearly listed for their customers to use with live online assistance available or support through their customer support 800 number.


The Success Of Brown Modeling Agency

James Brown is the top notch modeling executive making major moves with his modeling agency. His work has put several models from Austin, Texas on the map. However before James was leading the way of modeling in Texas, he was an ambitious working model destined for success.


James Brown was born in Reno, Nevada. Brown grew up across the state line in California. Once he turned eighteen years old, he got involved in the modeling business where he jumped from one California firm to the next. This taught him the tricks of the trade. At twenty-one years old, he worked with getting the right photos for models and introducing them to the largest agencies in the world. It was in college where James began modeling. His one hundred dollars per hour was much better pay than what most college students were making. However, his focus in modeling began to change. He wanted to put his business management degree to work by being involved in the business side of the modeling industry.


He moved to Austin, Texas in 2005 and noticed the budding modeling industry growing there. He saw an opportunity. He would later be apart of the building and foundation of one of Austin’s major modeling companies that would take Austin and the world by storm.


Acquired by Wilhelmina Austin Company, the Brown Modeling Agency is ran by president and CEO James Brown. The Brown Modeling Agency was launched in 2010. Since then, the agency has worked with hundreds of models bringing commercial and high-end modeling jobs to those living in that area. Because of the amount of success the agency has done, the Brown Modeling Agency is set to be the most valuable entity under the Wilhelmina Austin Company’s umbrella of companies.


The leader of this accomplished modeling agency has took talent from Austin, Texas with alternative and cool vibes to the trendy places of Miami and New York City. James Brown and his team of seven work tirelessly to create their roster of models for the largest companies seeking talent. He has gotten models to work for major companies like Loreal and Louis Vuitton.


Although most of the Brown Modeling Agency’s talent book jobs in Dallas and Houston, James Brown’s company is putting Austin, Texas on the map with its skilled models. The Brown Modeling Agency is setting the standard for elite models in Texas. They do so by training models for the professional world and giving them the experience of working with big brands. There is so much more to come from this amazing agency. We will be watching closely to see the talent of Austin gracing the runways of the world’s largest and most famous companies. You can visit their Instagram page.



Obsidian Energy: Balancing It All

Obsidian Energy is a Canadian oil and gas producer. It is a company that tries the best that it can when it comes to balancing the need for oil and gas but also being socially responsible to the earth. The company was formerly known as Penn West. Obsidian Energy is making sure that all of the regulatory statutes are being met and safety is first and foremost when it comes to those working on site. Now here is a little history on Obsidian Energy and how people can keep the company on the right track.


Penn West became Obsidian Energy in 2017. When the company first started it was small and eventually made the jump to a mid-level company. In the year 2008, the company hit the high mark when it showed a profit of over nine billion dollars. After that, however, the company started to go through a rough patch but now has come out better for it. The company is now committed to the people and to the workers of Canada and making sure that every rule and regulation is followed to the letter. Obsidian Energy’s oil fields are located in Alberta, along the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This region is one of the world’s largest petroleum reserves.


Obsidian Energy makes sure that when an oil or gas platform is set up it is as environmentally safe as possible. All of the platforms are spread out over the province of Alberta and the company makes sure that all of the sites run as smoothly as possible.


One thing that people can do to help Obsidian Energy stay on the right track is to call the whistleblower line. This line helps the company and the workforce stay at peak performance. If something is found to be wrong on the site or inside the company the matter is dealt with immediately. This is the new commitment that Obsidian Energy has to the people of Canada and their stockholders.


Obsidian Energy is a company that wants to move forward and provides Canadians with the best service possible. The company has had some rough times but has come out better and wiser for it. That is why Obsidian is back on the way to the top.


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How Gregory Aziz Grew National Steel Car

National Steel Car is an incredibly prominent company headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario. The company was established in 1912 under the name Imperial Steel Car and since then has seen a great deal of successful growth. For over one hundred years National Steel Car has been the manufacturer of steel rail cars. The company is the largest creator of steel freight cars in the entirety of North America. It also has a large global presence and is one of the leaders in the entire industry.


The helm of National Steel Car is managed by Gregory J. Aziz. He has the prominent position of serving as the company’s President, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. He has led the company since 1994 and had spurred massive growth during his time in various leadership positions. He has previously held the title of Chief Operations Officer before being promoted.


Gregory James Aziz is credited with a great deal of success in leading the company to success. During his time he has spurred massive growth in both the engineering sector and the manufacturing sector of steel rail cars. Additionally, he is also credited with merging the intersection between manufacturing and technology. He is highly passionate about the integration of technology to steel rail car design and production. This is especially important because the entire industry has been known to be slow to the adaption of technology. Greg Aziz is a known innovator in the industry, as well as a disruptor of how things have been typically done.


During the first few years that he held leadership positions with National Steel Car, Greg Aziz managed to make major strives that helped the company grow to become North America’s leader in steel freight rail cars. First and foremost, he is highly passionate about investing in his employee base. He believes that the company shouldn’t only be a great place to work, but it should be consistently growing. Go Here for more information.


During his first five years as Chief Executive Officer, Greg Aziz grew the company from an employee base of several hundred, to a massive three thousand people. This growth was major for the company and for the town of Hamilton. Once the employee base had growth, the production of rail cars also grew rapidly. The company went from producing around three thousand and five hundred rail cars to over twelve thousand cars built annually. The company continues to grow and expand, helping the economy of Hamilton grow as well. Greg and his wife regularly sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and is known to support Theater Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, United Way, Salvation Army and various food banks.



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National Steel Car: Surviving the Challenges from the Past

It cannot be denied that the National Steel Car is one of the most durable companies in Canada today. Gregory James Aziz presently manages the company, but before he got hold of the company, the National Steel Car faced several challenges, some of these have taken them on the brink of bankruptcy, but the company knew how to stand up and rebuild. The National Steel Car today is one of Canada’s fastest growing companies, thanks to the efforts of Gregory James Aziz in introducing the company to a larger market. He is also the reason why overseas companies are now starting to consider the rolling stocks made by the National Steel Car as their primary source for train cars.



The National Steel Car was founded more than one hundred years ago. Several investors wanted to know how they can benefit from the Trans-Canadian Railway Project that the government is spearheading. One of the brilliant members of the group suggested that a manufacturing plant for rolling stocks be built because it will become in demand in a few years’ time. The investors immediately constructed the National Steel Car, and their customers grew instantly in just a short period. The public has considered the early 1920s decade as the golden age of the National Steel Car.



However, due to the combined problems brought about why the Great Depression, two World Wars, and several stock market crashes, the management of the National Steel Car felt that it would be much better if the company closed down. However, one of the managers at the company stated that Dofasco is willing to purchase them. Dofasco is a steel producing company, and they purchased the National Steel Car in 1969. The new management overseeing the performance of the National Steel Car noticed that they would have a hard time making the company grow, so after keeping the company for 24 years, they decide to let it go. See This Page to learn more.



Gregory James Aziz is the new owner of the company, and he purchased the National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994. Contrary to what Dofasco is thinking, the National Steel Car keeps on becoming the leading company in the field of rolling stock manufacturing. The National Steel Car has been transformed by the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, who believed that the company would be able to rise from its ashes and become a competitive company. The National Steel Car keeps on improving and innovating.