OSI Industries Development Plans Locally, Europe And Spain

In the past five years, OSI Industries has taken serious steps in the local and global expansion process. The Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Sheldon Lavin has facilitated the expansion processes in a significant way. The company made some acquisitions to boost its ability to serve the customers diligently.

One of these acquisitions involved Tyson Foods, a Chicago plant in 2017. The 200,000 square feet plant’s room would help OSI Industries to add more products like beef, pork and fast foods to name but a few for its North American market. The company can add more products to the Tyson Foods that specialized in poultry products.

Before acquiring Tyson Foods, OSI Industries had entered into a partnership with Flagship Europe in 2016. The United Kingdom Company supplies the European market with sauces, dressings, pies, and frozen poultry. However, the company rebranded to Creative Foods to capture global recognition. The merger of OSI and Creative Food would boost the supply to their customers as well as attract more customers through the presence of a good variety of products for customers to choose. Before the merger with OSI Industries, Creative Foods had partnered with Calder Foods, which added more products to its food portfolio. These included dips, sandwich fillings, and sauces to name but a few. A combination of the products of these companies would guarantee a steady supply all over Europe and beyond.

AS if that was not enough, OSI acquired Baho Foods, which targets the Netherlands and Germany markets. Baho Foods would help OSI to reach more customers through its five subsidiaries in eighteen countries. The top executives of Baho remained to oversee the operations of the two companies. In Spain, OSI Industries added a production line to its old Toledo plant to cater to the rising demand of its products in Spain and Portugal. The new line consisted of a high production line, improved storage facilities and lowered electricity consumption measures to name but a few. These changes boosted the production twice, and it guaranteed OSI a steady supply of its products. It also secured the company’s growth in Europe and beyond.

How Canine-Assisted Therapy Helps Roseann Bennett’s Clients


Therapist Roseann Bennett practices in Hackettstown, NJ and has had excellent success when using dogs in canine-assisted therapy to help her clients. Roseann Bennett first became interested in such therapy while working with children because dogs help children to feel comfortable, which is a great first step in getting them to open up.

Bennett is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over ten years of experience. Roseann Bennett; together with her husband Todd, is the co-founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Founded in 2010, the Center offers mental health services, while attempting to break down the stigma of mental health issues. Bennett is also the president of the northern chapter of the New Jersey Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

With canine-assisted therapy added to the Center’s list of treatments, Jack, Bennett’s therapy dog helps clients to relax and bring their guard down. Therapy dogs are trained to assist people with emotional needs, they can be especially useful for those with anxiety or autism. The therapeutic method first began in 1976 when Elaine Smith started a program in which trained dogs would visit various facilities to help people.

There are certain dog breeds that are more suited to the task of therapy dog. Those breeds include German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Greyhounds, Beagles, Saint Bernards, Pomeranians, Pugs, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and French Bulldogs. The dogs should be calm and have necessary basic obedience training, along with the ability to handle new situations, settings, and people. Visit This Page for related information.

Therapy dogs can give love and affection to people with depression, those suffering from loneliness, and who have suffered traumatic experiences. Other benefits of canine-assisted therapy include lowering blood pressure, help with the cardiovascular system, and even possibly quicker recovery. All of these benefits and more are why Roseann Bennett chose to incorporate Canine Assisted Therapy into her practice.


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Anthony Constantinou, Influencing Young Minds For A Better Future


Antony Constantinou spends his time at the Queen Mary University of London as a lecturer and assistant professor. He also heads Queen Mary’s Bayesian Artificial Intelligence department. Constantinou teaches classes in Machine Learning and Data Mining at the University. He is extremely knowledgeable in the fields of artificial intelligence and Data processing.

Constantinou is always doing his best to provide students with opportunities to better strengthen their knowledge and experience new practices. He promotes Ph.D. studentships for students on his website, constantinou.info. Anthony stays involved in the educational community. Constantinou’s always sharing newfound knowledge and doing his best to influence education upon the young minds of students.

It’s refreshing to know that Anthony Constantinou is making efforts to ensure students achieve some of the successes he has in his past. With his guidance in obtaining a Ph.D. must be unlike any other. With the help of such a distinguished and intelligent individual such as Anthony Constantinou, obtaining any scholarly goal is possible. Read This Article for related information.

Constantinou is shaping the minds of future scholars, scientists, researchers, teachers, etc. Through his immense efforts to include proper education within the lives of his students and those alike, Constantinou is helping provide for a more prosperous future. Without properly enriching the minds of the youth, failure in the future is inevitable.

We should all take a lesson from Anthony Constantinou’s impact on today’s youth. Education is crucial in order to survive decades from now. Without the ability to learn, adapt and execute, life as we know it today would fall apart.


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Roseann Bennett On The Effectiveness Of Canine Assisted Therapy


Therapy isn’t a one-size-fits-all source of comfort and resolution as just about anyone who works in the field can tell you. Individual patients require individualized care and that goes doubly so for children who come into facilities like the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Roseann Bennett is the founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment and she is a decorated therapist with over a decade working as a marriage counselor and family therapist. Along the way, Bennett grew to realize that children need all of the benefits that they can get in order for therapy to be effective. This line of thinking brought Bennett to bring in canine assisted therapy to her facility.

Canine-Assisted Therapy has been in use since the ’70s and its effectiveness has only grown with more and more medical studies. She decided to incorporate this style of treatment because she wants to be able to reach children who come to the facility and feel like they cannot reach out to the therapist. Having a canine in the room helps to put children at ease and it gives them some comfort that comes without any judgement. Roseann Bennett brought in her own therapy dog, Jack, in order to lead the way. Therapy dogs like Jack are extremely effective at helping to bridge the gap between therapist and child and this goes doubly so for people with diagnosed anxiety or autism. Go To This Page to learn more.

In order for a therapy dog to be put into the field, the dog has to be trained and certified by an organization that oversees the health and temperament of the animal. Breeds like Greyhounds, Beagles, Pugs, and Labrador Retrievers have all been known to make excellent canine therapy dogs.

Roseann Bennett’s decision to bring in a certified therapy dog will do wonders for the children that come into her office.


View source: http://blogwebpedia.com/roseann-bennett-is-using-canine-assisted-therapy.html#.W8UAc2hKiUl


Matt Badiali urges investors to take up Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is the person who introduced the idea of the Freedom Checks. He introduced this idea because he knew very well that it would help thousands of Americans to make money from investing. For about decades, he has been trying very hard to come up with investment ideas which can transform the lives of ordinary Americans. His wish is to see the ordinary investors make money from the investments sector by applying his recommendations. He started giving advice to investors in 2004 when he was pursuing his Ph.D. Believes that his knowledge should be utilized in helping the average Americans.

When Matt Badiali introduced the concept of freedom checks, some people thought that it was too good to be true. However, looking back at what has happened in the past few months, someone will agree that it is one of the best decisions one could ever make. Those who invested early in the idea are now making millions from the industry. He has managed to transform the lives of people who have enjoyed super normal profits from their investments. By his estimate, it was possible for investors to make up to 8000 percent return. Few opportunities have such a high potential.

Freedom Checks come from businesses that deal with natural resources. According to Matt Badiali, companies that explore natural resources found in the United States will be recording very high returns in the coming years. Why is that so? The oil and gas industry will be witnessing an increase in demand for oil and gas as the international market faces challenges. The Middle East countries have seen a drop in the production of oil. To know more about the company click here.

American companies which are exploring the resources will have huge returns which they will share with the investors. According to statute 26-F of internal revenue, these companies will give out a huge part of the revenue to investors. The money that will be given out is what Matt Badiali calls the Freedom Checks. Freedom Checks will be received by those who shall have invested in these companies that he calls MLPs. These Check are, therefore, a legitimate idea which every person should try out.


How Matt Badiali’s “Freedom Checks” Turned Out to Be a Real Way to Realize Huge Returns

There are endless scams around nowadays. There are multi-level marketing schemes where the only people that make any real money are those at the top. There are endless “work from home” jobs where you end up stuffing envelopes for hours making likely less than a buck an hour doing so. The usual pitch is that you only have to work a few hours a week and you’ll make big bucks doing so.

Due to this fact, people will reflexively run away from anything that even smells a little weird or different. That is actually unfortunate, though, because they end up ignoring valid business ventures and other opportunities. People thought this about Matt Badiali and the “Freedom Checks” he was describing as a way to attain financial freedom. However, even though they sound too good to be true they are anything but a scam as it turns out.

Matt Badiali, a financial analyst who also has a background in geology, says that these have been around for a long time and many people have been earning money from them for years. His career has taken him all over the world as both a geologist and financial analyst. He says he won’t recommend that the readers of his Real Wealth Strategist invest in something unless he has personally seen it with his own eyes. He will physically visit oil fields, gold mines, and offices to make sure it’s a good investment.

Matt Badiali decided to call Master Limited Partnerships (MLP) “Freedom Checks” because it explains what they really are in a catchy way. Matt Badiali says that by law an organization in the oil & gas industry set up as an MLP must return all of their profits to their shareholders. This means you can get big checks deposited in your account on a regular, ongoing basis by investing in these types of organizations. He released a video about this that sounded too good to be true but as it turns out it is, in fact, the real McCoy.


JD.Com Commitment to Social Responsibility

China’s largest retailer, JD.com has partnered with The China Children and Teenagers Fund (CCTF) and WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) in launching a second yearly Green Planet-Sustainable week. The company intends to create awareness of sustainable consumption in the globe’s most populous nation. The event is scheduled to last for seven days, which will kick-start on 10th of October. The process will strengthen Yingdong’s commitment to assisting the retail sector to sustainably develop, and reduce the effects of China’s thriving consumption on the environment. During the event, JD.com will advocate for the reduction of pollution through reusable shopping bags that are manufactured from discard-apparel fabric.

That’s in correspondent to the WWF call to minimize pollution that is caused by plastics. JD.com uses those bags regularly in their operations; hence, it will be easier to distribute them for free throughout the event. Besides, they will provide RFID Chips which can be scanned as coupons in the offline stores via the Yingdong partners. JD.com Green Plant-Sustainable Weeks will launch a new clothing drive in line with the firm’s recycling program. The firm will use its nationwide in-house logistics system that covers 99% of the Chinese population collecting both used and unused clothes from their clients. The cloths will be distributed to the needy or be sent to the recycling facilities. Proceeds from the program will be gifted to charity groups, people with disabilities, and to lower-income families.

During last year, the drive was conducted in four cities in a collection that involved 150 million people gathering 20 tons of clothing. However, this year the drive will cover 74 cities. Customers will have an opportunity to trade-in their recycling home appliances by third-party firms through the Yingdong platform. The appliances will be disassembled, and the parts are used in repairs helping in the reduction of waste generated by appliances. All the logistics data for tracing the trade-ins and donations are available via JD.com proprietary supply-chain management technology. According to the head of market practice at WWF China, Zhonghao Jin, China is thriving economically because of the rise of consumption of goods and services despite numerous environmental challenges. Presently, YIngdong fraternity is ready to use its influence in advocating for the pollution reduction.

Jeunesse Global makes big entrance into weight-loss market with Zen Bodi

The weight loss industry has been historically overrun with questionable programs that promised easy results for little effort. It’s no surprise that many of these programs have historically resulted in the failure of almost all those who adhere to them. Without the ability to incrementally change the underlying negative behaviors that led to the unhealthy weight gain in the first place, there’s little chance that any real progress will be made.

Now, Jeunesse Global, one of the most sought-after global health and cosmetic brands today, has decided to enter into the weight loss market. The company has posted an impressive track record, entering markets that have historically been dominated by some of the largest players in the industry and competing on equal footing with these big-name companies. The company has now set its sights on the weight loss market, seeking to completely upend the way that people approach reaching their overall health and weight-loss goals.

The company’s product is known as Zen 8 Project. The Zen 8 Project also comes with a proprietary weight loss supplement known as Zen Bodi, which contains some of the most potent natural ingredients currently known to science. The Zen 8 Project and Zen Bodi enable users to achieve the three pillars of weight loss that are identified within the Zen 8 Project system. These are curbing appetite, burning fat and building muscle. Once these three pillars are achieved, the ball is set rolling, making the reaching of weight loss goals a reality.

However, unlike many of its wayward competitors, Jeunesse Global does not make any claims of easy results for little effort. On the contrary, the Zen 8 Project is designed using the science of behavioral modification, which involves small, incremental improvements to the behaviors that have led to the weight gain in the first place. This is no overnight transformation. However, when followed correctly, the Zen 8 Project will enable users to radically overhaul the way in which they live, moving inexorably towards a total health lifestyle that will not only allow them to keep the weight off but will also create a far higher level of overall health and fitness.


How Penelope Kokkinides Finds Fulfillment in Her Career

As the COO and CAO of InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides believes that the most exciting trend yet is how technology impacts her career. Technology has changed how we do everything, and it plays a vital role in how we operate daily in our own personal lives. It’s a big deal for Ms. Kokkinides to utilize technology, because it helps her hone in on her market.


It isn’t always about how it helps them with data either. Ms. Kokkinides travels often, and technology is what makes it possible for her to stay in touch with everyone involved in her circle of business. Technology gives her the edge in connecting with everyone from around the globe, especially when it comes to video calls and sharing information. Technology is what helps her stay on top of her game, and it helps her get things done while on the road.


Communication continues to evolve, and it will further enable the way business is conducted in regards to healthcare. Preparing for the day ahead can be done, while all the information is lined up in one spot for her to access. There are so many more things about her career that help Ms. Kokkinides keep it all together.


One of them is her outlook on work and who she is working with. She doesn’t really see that any job has been a bad job. In fact, her view on any job that she has had is that it’s a learning experience. She believes that she was able to learn and grow into a better individual because of her positive outlook on life and in work. You can checkout data.com for more details.


Both of these elements combined make it a great day for her in business. Technology helps her keep up with the industry she’s in and it helps her stay in touch with all of her connections. Gleaning valuable information about her competitors and the marketplace itself makes it easy for her to accomplish great things daily for InnovaCare . Reading publications and other periodicals also helps her to keep up with everything that’s going on. Penelope Kokkinides is one of the most sought after COO and CAO of her time. For more info you can visit modernhealthcare.com



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