Are Nutrisystem Diet Plans Cost Effective



When a person is considering diet and weight loss, they want effective meal plans. One of the best and most highly recommended meal plans out now is Nutrisystem. I’m aware of how scary the words “diet meal plans” can be to someone’s wallet, especially when eating between 4-5 times per day. But considering the amount of money that is spent grocery shopping throughout a month, that can put a dent in the pocket also. But not to worry, Nutrisystem’s website shows that its prices won’t break the bank so bad after all. Here are the details.


Is Nutrisystem Affordable?


Think of the amount of effort that is used on food. From the time people spend in grocery stores because they aren’t clear on what they should eat or which ingredients to use, to eventually overeating the food they spent so much time preparing by the time it’s finally done. Nutrisystem would change that. Here’s how it would go. Select the prepared meal, toss it in the microwave and start grubbing. The big question people have: Is eating something like Nutrisystem 4-5 times per day going to cost an arm and leg? No it won’t. Nutrisystem’s top rated plan costs $11.96 per day, which equals about $3 per meal. Not so bad right? There’s TONS of meals to choose from! If a guy went to a nice Italian restaurant, he’d likely over-eat spending $15-20 on a large cuisine, or he could spend a few dollars on one of Nutrisystem’s many portioned Italian dishes and still lose weight. Now let’s break down the plans and prices.


The Break-Down


All of Nutrisystem’s diet meal plans are cost effective. The basic plan costs $9.82 per day, which equals $274.99 for 4 weeks plus free shipping and a guarantee of losing up to 13 pounds and 7 inches in the first month. The Core Plan costs $10.54 per day, shipping and guarantee also included. The difference is the customer chooses their own meals and receives access to counselors and dietitians. Finally, the top rated plan is the Uniquely You plan. It costs $11.96 per day, $334.99 for 4 weeks and allows the customer to choose from more food choices and a frozen foods menu. Nutrisystem makes weight loss favorable, fun and affordable. Here’s how its prices stack up against competitors.


Nutrisystem Price Versus Other Popular Diet Meal Plans


Nutrisystem versus Jenny Craig. Nutrisystem includes price of food with no fees or shipping. Jenny Craig doesn’t. The Uniquely Yours plan costs $11.96 per day, while Jenny Craig’s costs $15-23 per day plus shipping and a monthly membership fee. Nutrisystem has almost double the meals to pick from, while Jenny Craig doesn’t give unlimited counseling and guaranteed results or get refunded.


Nutrisystem versus BistroMD. Once more, Nutrisystem’s Uniquely Yours plan with 3 meals, 2 snacks and $11.96 per day price beats out BistroMD’s 3 meals for 6 days and 2 meals one day for about $19.28 per day. BistroMD offers snacks at extra cost, doesn’t guarantee any weight loss amount and charges $19.95 for shipping.