Article Recap: Lime Crime

Sporting neon coloured hair isn’t for the faint of heart… Do Deere (founder of Lime Crime) is not afraid of being bold, and shining bright. Her brand Lime Crime is like an extension of her personality: bold, and bright. Keeping in mind the age we are living in, Instagram has become a popular tool for Do Deere to use marketing her product. Because of Lime Crime’s bright, and bold nature, it stands out on Instagram and is very, very, hard to miss…


A stylist caught up with Do Deere in late April of 2018 to ask her a few questions…


When asked about what makes a cult beauty brand, or a cult product, Do Deere responded by saying something insightful. She believes that that word cult means being unique. She also notes that her success is because of her willingness to stand out, and be bold, and unique. When asked about her mistakes as an entrepreneur she is refreshingly wise. Do Deere responds simply by saying, “we all makes mistakes and Lime Crime is no different. What’s important is how we learn, and grow from those mistakes.”


Do Deere also admits that entrepreneurship is a huge passion of hers. She believes in paying attention to the market, and strives to make her products stand out, and beat the competition. She also stresses the importance of listening to one’s inner voice about certain situations. Lime Crime has a fabulous team of people working together full-time constantly striving to make their products the best. They make a product that they, themselves, would use.


Catering to trends like unicorns, and glitter is another aspect of Lime Crime products that their customers love. Do Deere believes that we live in an age of self-expression. She stresses importance of social media and it’s significant presence, and also how we are collectively beginning to realize that we don’t have to conform to society’s standards about beauty.


Do Deere believes that palettes tell stories. Her customers can always look forward to a new palette of colors, and the new, fresh stories they can quite literally wear… on their faces. When packaging her products she believes the outside is a reflection of what’s inside, and really aims at providing her customers with a packaging that they can be proud of, and feel good about buying. It doesn’t hurt that they look, and attract more customers because of their bold presence on sites like Instagram. Lime Crime is a big presence on social media sites, and they attribute a lot of their success to the popularity and accessibility of sites like Instagram.


Lime Crime has also branched into selling hair-dye products. Do Deere believes in expression on a lot of different levels, and does not limit her company on providing make-up products alone. Do Deere believes in being fear-less and experimenting with her make-up and hair-dye products. Her company Lime Crime is bold, fear-less, and a company to take notice of in the present, and future years to come.


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