Nicolas Krafft Views On Fashion Trends And Women In Fashion

Last year, fashion shows around the world were exceptionally unique. Most of these shows challenged the traditional approach to fashion and more importantly the consumer perception on fashion. Nicolas Krafft was part of the best fashion event, which took place in Paris.

LE DÉFILÉ L’ORÉAL PARIS was incredibly unique in the following ways. First, it was the first fashion event in Europe to have an ‘inclusivity’ theme. Krafft believes that the fashion show was timely because of the global trends in fashion and more importantly because his company has a vision of changing the global approach to fashion. In addition, the venue of this event was unmatched.

According to Nicolas Krafft Loreal, Paris is home to diversity in fashion and the event cemented that fact. In order to make the event unique, Krafft points out that they looked for an open venue. According to him, River Seine was the best venue for this event because it is central and it enjoys a traffic. In addition, Nicolas Krafft points out that since Paris is home to tourism, making the event free of tickets charges was the best decision in an tempt to bring a diverse audience. Thanks to Krafft and his team plans, the event enjoyed the best audience in any fashion show. Go Here for additional information.

Apart from bringing a diverse audience in this event, Nicolas Krafft points out that the Paris event was instrumental in bringing as many women on stage as possible. Although the world of fashion has been instrumental in giving women a platform to express themselves, Nicolas Krafft Loreal believes that there is more that the corporate world can do. Through events like these, Krafft believes that the world of fashion is headed on the right direction. Apart from giving women a chance to display their fashion expression, the event was also graced by some of the biggest movies stars from around the world.

As an investor and a manager, Nicolas Krafft Loreal is passionate about about pharma, and other luxury cosmetics. Krafft believes that 2019 will be a year of brilliant events in fashion especially from L’Oreal. He holds the view that the fashion world will growth through such initiatives.


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