Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda’s Advice For Marketing Consultants That You Cannot Learn In School

There are some things school will not teach you. Some people get out of school and are told to throw out half the things they learned. School gives you a theoretical approach. Life gives you the reality check. Edwin Miranda has a few reality checks every top marketing consultant should know, whether they have a job right now or not.

1) School will tell you to put the product first. That will only get you so far, according to Edwin Miranda. You have to make the people you speak with your number one priority. I do not care about how many investors you have. You are not going to make one sale unless you have the audience to back it up. That is one thing marketing school is not going to tell you.

2) A business school is going to show you how to be direct. It will prepare you to make the tough decisions, maybe give you an air of authority. The one thing business school lack is transparency, according to Edwin Miranda. They will show you how to be transparent to a certain point. The rest is on you. You have to learn the art of total transparency if you are going to please the crowd.

3) The only thing a business school is going to teach you about “giving” is when it comes in corporate package wrapped in a pretty bow. In other words, you are taught to give only when it is convenient for you. Edwin Miranda has other ideas.

You have to show your investors you care. I might have said that before, but it bears repeating. You should give without a “quid pro quo” ideology.

Getting an MBS is a great thing. It will help you go far in marketing world. However, there are somethings a piece of paper cannot give you. Keep your eyes open.

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Michael Nierenberg The Investment Specialist

Michael Nierenberg is an investment specialist and expert businessman. Michael Nierenberg holds multiple high power positions for two different major companies. He is currently the Managing Director at Fortress Investment Group. He was appointed the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of New Residential Corp in 2013. In 2016 he was appointed Chairman of this company as well. He has a long work history in the field of fiance and has worked for many different corporations. Michael Nierenberg has held other positions with companies such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, and Bear Stearns. At Bank of America Merrill Lynch Mr. Nierenberg was the head of Global Securitized Products. He also played a major role in the charge of sales and trading activities. This is the exact same position he held with JP Morgan.

Mr. Nierenberg held two positions simultaneously with Bear Stearns. He was over foreign exchange trading operations and the modification of interest rates. From 2006 to 2008 Michael Nierenberg also sat on the Board of Directors. Mr. Nierenberg is an expert at interest rates, foreign trade, and business operations. He also has a lot of expertise when it comes to mortgage rates as well. This is proven in his work experience because he is the main person responsible for building Lehman Brothers adjustable mortgage business.

Mr. Nierenberg is a proven financial genius he started his career strong by working with multiple high power firms. He continued to grow and learn and then his success went to the next level. He has built businesses, lead business, and sat on multiple Board of Directors. These accomplishments, his net worth, and work history clearly shows that Mr. Nierenberg was built for success. Mr. Nierenberg has shown that if you focus and master a craft or crafts you take those skills and become extremely successful.

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How an Interest in Human Behavior Benefits Ashley Lightspeed in Business

Ashley Lightspeed once worked at the Duke University bookstore in Durham NC. Even with a picture of a snow-covered Duke campus hanging behind the bookstore counter Ashley was often asked if it really snowed in Durham. That kind of interaction with customers prompted her to take sociology and anthropology classes at Duke. Her fascination with human behavior would prove beneficial in her entrepreneurial endeavors. Follow Ashley Lightspeed on Twitter.

Ashley credits forming and maintaining personal relationships with her business success. For a time Ashley was a Category Manager at Thumbtack a company that matches consumers with service providers. Developing personal relationships with clients helped Ashley because as she put it, “…I was building a product with a specific person in mind. I wanted to help Andrea succeed as a caterer…”.

As a child, Ashely dreamt of building structures, not businesses. Perhaps fortuitously time spent beside her architect father at his drawing board showed Ashley that conceiving and designing held more appeal for her than building.

Having already graduated Summa Cum Laude from Duke Ashley left Thumbtack to attend the Stanford Univesity School of Business. While working towards her degree Ashley began developing growth strategies for startups.

Today, Ashley is a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. Lightspeed provides startups with capital and guidance to become established companies. Ashley’s last name is actually Brasier, but for our purposes, she is Ashley Lightspeed. Ashley is part of Lightspeed’s Consumer Investing Team. She applies her skills to helping fledgling companies chart a course to success.

Among her contributions to Lightspeed Ashley helps the company better understand female consumers a segment that is vitally important to the US economy. Ashley’s bio on the Lightspeed website talks about her belief in craftsmanship. As Ashley sees it a commitment to craftsmanship helps her to make clients’ lives “…easier, healthier, and more inspired.”

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Organo Gold contribution to the society

Each 29th of September is usually a special day for individuals who like coffee. It is a global day set aside for the coffee lovers hence referred to as International Coffee Day. This initiative was brought up in 2015 and initially launched in a trade fair in Italy. Organo Gold is a leading and prominent coffee supplier. The main purpose of setting the day off was to make people aware of the challenges coffee farmers undergo.

There are several types of home-made coffee for those who enjoy taking the drink at home. Organo Gold highlights how making the iced orange creamsicle coffee. The process starts by peeling an orange and placing them underneath the coffee filter before inserting grounds. In order to add a taste, you can add some sugar to eliminate the bitter taste of the peels. Another coffee you can make at your disposal is the pumpkin spice coffee.

It requires pumpkin flavors and coffee sachet for the ingredients to be complete. Place the sliced pieces of pumpkin flavor in the grounds. You can utilize a lighter roast for the drink to be sweeter and some sugar. There is also cinnamon mocha, which needs a packet of cocoa as the ingredient. Blend the ingredients of the coffee after it completes brewing. In the case of baking cocoa, you will require to insert sweetener products.

Organo Gold was established in 2008 and its goal was to be the main supplier of organic coffee. The firm provides a wide range of coffee flavors and tea to be sold. Clients can order their coffee products directly from their website and suppliers. Organo Gold contributes its philanthropic efforts to society through the OG Cares Foundation. This institution was built to benefit the young generation. It also provides equipment and expertise required for the learners to be successful in their lives.

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Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is one of them things that basically stands out out from the outside world amongst a huge group of banks, in which are continually holding on to their criteria of lending. While a majority of other banks are currently holding off and being extremely stingy with all of their income, First Holdings is trying to get a hold of them, mostly the consumers who unfortunately don’t necessarily qualify for any loans that are based on credit. Many individuals who are in need of raising money are solely qualified by this specific institution.

The main difference between this specific banks including Equities First Holdings, is basically the fact that its located at the head of an alternative industry of lending services, so with that being said its corporation is tremendously growing everyday within its stocked based loans and services. Many people see this as the best choice possible to save the time and energy.

James Dondero Highlights Benefits of Engaging in Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy refers to the act of a business promoting the community’s welfare through charitable donations as well as funds. Corporate philanthropy is essential to the business operations since it supports communities by fostering employee engagement while generating business value. Last years, many corporations donated more than $17 billion toward corporate philanthropy. One such company is Highland Capital Management, led by James Dondero. James Dondero, the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, is a committed man with multiple responsibilities. His duties revolve around improving his community. Dallas. A holder of two degrees, James Dondero, studied accounting in addition to finance. He is an alumnus of the University of Virginia School of Commerce.

Thereafter, he delved into career ventures where he started practicing finance at JPMorgan Chase and Company before heading to the American Express. While serving in the company, he was in charge of the firm’s $1 billion worth of assets. Dondero moved to Protective Life in 1989. Starting as nothing but an idea, James Dondero transformed the concept he has for his future company into a business worth $2 billion. After years of garnering experience in the finance industry, Mr. Dondero established his company, Highland Capital Management. He also succeeded in garnering a stellar reputation by serving as one of the largest firms specializing in alternative credit managers and private equity accounts.

Even though he commits a substantial portion of his life to serve clients in the financial industry, Mr. Dondero is also a huge contributor to the charitable activities in the Dallas community. He is concerned about the welfare of the community. Therefore, he makes it a point to involve himself in charity. His involvement entails the Dallas Zoo project. Initially, the zoo was closed in 2011 since the hippopotamus habitat was swept out when one hippo died. Since he’s generous, James Dondero joined local philanthropists to donate $14 million toward the cause. Visitors can now view the hippos since the zoo has been reopened and named after Highland Capital Management. Dondero mentioned that the organization was committed to positively helping organizations. He is excited to be the manager of a firm that cares about providing rewarding experiences to the Dallas community.

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Doe Deere Makes Lime Crime Into A Rogue Styling Brand

Doe Deere is the CEO of Lime Crime and the fashion brand Poppyangeloff. She started by making her own makeup and selling it on eBay, but she found the funding to start the Lime Crime brand as a full Online site. She does a good job of marketing her own brand, and she has gotten away from the counter makeup brands that populate shopping malls.

  1. Lime Crime

Doe Deere has done a good job of starting up this company with the bright colors and vegan products that she wants alternative women to use. She has built up a massive brand because she wants that brand to reach out to women who would not normally buy traditional makeup. Someone who shops with Lime Crime can buy it online, and they can even get hair colors if they need it. She has create things like a spray-on hair color and a special lip color that will stay on no matter what the lady does. She is committed to making women look and feel their best.

  1. Poppyangeloff

The fashion brand that Doe Deere started is an interesting one because she knows that most women who are wearing her makeup and hair colors will find that they buy these fashion items and clothes. This is a brand that she supports and shows off on her own, and she is trying to make it easy for women to look great so that they can have the confidence they need and have a better style. Women could turn to this brand for a signature style, and that also means that they could match her makeup and her clothes together like she does.

  1. Conclusion

Doe Deere has done a great job of making sure that her company will grow, and she is an amazing example of how to make a company better, how to grow a brand, and how to fill a gap in the market. The things that she sells are not found with any other company, and she believes that most people who shop with her can find something that truly represents their style.


Agera Energy: Empowering the World

Agera Energy is changing the energy supply and is different. They are a company that cares about their customer and strive to deliver their services in a new and unique way. Agera Energy was founded in 2014 and because of one of the worst winters in history, they decided to launch a company that delivered change, guidance, and protection to their customers. Because of their willingness to change the traditional model of energy supply they helped their customers through the tough times and they are able to serve their customers better.

Agera Energy has over 1.8 million customers, and those customers put their faith into the company. Agera Energy stands behind their products and wants their interaction with their customers to be satisfactory. They’re an energy supplier that is a one-stop shop for all of your energy needs and are proud to serve each and every one of their customers.

“Paul Saunder,The Principal “

James River- Capital Corp is a company founded by Saunders, who is also the principal and the Chief Executive officer of James River Capital Crop .He is also the portfolios manager for James River financial product .He began his career in investment banking and later moved to trading and investments .He has risen and top in that field for 30 years .Paul is married to his wife Vicki for 39years and they are very passionate about philanthropy. They recently launched Saunders Foundation and supported several organizations. James operates this website with aim to assist the firm to help the qualified employment candidates.


In our country burnout is a penetrating issue, Paul Saunders give out an advice on how to aid your employees. Work can be very stressful combined with one’s personal life the problem of burnout is very real and it can result a lot. When we take keen to warning signs we can prevent burnout and allow for new necessary changes and get back to normal. Here are some of the effective ways to help people especially our employees if they have burnout. Firstly most people tend to loss control on things like time and schedule management and eventually end up feeling hopeless and helpless thus causing burnout .therefore employees should have flexible policies that’s have no restrictions. Employees are supposed to be given some time to state their goals that they are supposed to accomplish so that they can restore their control.


Most of times employees feels that they are overlooked in term of promotion ,they are not compensated for the work they are doing or feel that some employees are being favored and them they are not fully supported from upper management. They end up having negative feelings thus resulting to burnout. As a manager it’s good to be open to your employee and try to treat them equally and while making a decision try to communicate to them and give reasonable explanations and engage them in workshops, this will curb burnout.


Some employees get angry and upset when they are stressed and they are not able to control their emotions and this cause burnout which results to modiness,lack of motivation and negative attitude .as a manager you need to talk to your employee and offer support .Also when employee experience burnout he/she ends up losing confident about herself and their work .and when they aren’t sure about their work they end up not doing it at all to curb this ,check the employee time to time and assist them make reasonable personal goal and this will help gain their confidence. James rivers provides investment advisory services, and his company offers commodity trading, investment, advisory and managements. He serves customers at United States. Learn more: https://patch.co/mvirginia/richmond/paul-saunders-principal-james-river-capital-corp-burnout


JD.com Partners With Japanese Company To Make Largest Plant Factory


The latest news point to the arrival of a new plant factory that features Japanese technology in the form of lighting and more. It will be the largest plant factory to be opened as they partnered up with Mitsubishi Chemical, a Japanese company to bring their own technology to the state of the art facility. The facility is huge, being about “11,040 square meters” according to the JD blog, and be a “hydroponic” system with solar lighting.


Online site and retailer JD.com or as known by many Chinese as Jingdong Mall, sells all the essential items that a person can want in the form of electronics, beauty products, appliances, and more, but it also sells vegetables with their 7FRESH supermarkets and on their website.


Jingdong Mall was created by entrepreneur Liu Qiangdong and has only been able to expand and continue to be very successful. The facility will serve of utter importance as the plant factory will be producing spinach, cabbage, lettuce, coriander, and more. The advancement of technology has given people the option to buy their goods online, even food, and all plants at the facility will be tracked throughout the whole process. In today’s age, it is even more important for people to make sure that they get quality content as chemicals and pollutants have found their way into the food. Go Here for related Information.


Jingdong is promising healthy vegetables inside their plant factory as people will be on the watch to make sure temperatures and light fixtures are controlled by the management team. With the Japanese technology given to them, it eliminates the need for washing and the pollutants and pesticides not be added onto the vegetables. What makes the factory even more productive is that the big space allows them to create more content and it does not need as much water either like other companies.


Both Mitsubishi and JD.com are excited in the partnership and in providing customers with fresh and healthy vegetables. Anyone can now buy fresh vegetables from the plant or on the website as the two plan to introduce more to the facility later on.


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