Freedom for Catalonia

Sujit Choudhry is considered as an authority on comparative politics and constitutional law. His research on legal matters has helped in building many governments. Sujit’s passion for political issues helps in solving the conflict in society.

According to (, the constitutional dialogue between the Catalan and the Spanish government will help to solve the current crises. Sujit Choudhry’s open letter to the two governments to engage in a dialogue is a positive move. The two governments will act in good faith and be of open minded in discussing their constitutional issues. It is through the referendum the scholar thinks can express the desire of the Catalans people that they want nothing less than secession. Sujit and the leading constitutional scholars suggest through the letter that the Spain Prime Minister should not suppress the desire of the Catalans. The scholars propose that the need for independence by the Catalans can be understood through the referendum, follow watching the details at (

The Spanish president Mr. Rojoy is harshly handling the Catalans who wish and believe the Catalans government should be independent. The scholar alludes that the president knows that it will be a matter of human rights abuses if he continues with his usual path in arresting and persecution of those who fight for the Catalans independence. Besides, the act is violating the Catalonian’s right to Secession. For more related news, hop on to

The Spanish government goes on suspending the Catalonia parliament after the 2017 referendum. This act leaves Catalonia under the Spanish government again. The dispute between the two governments makes the Catalonian president go to an exile. Mr. Rajoy, the Spanish president, dismisses the idea of getting involved in another dialogue and dictate the term he will only talk to the Ines Arrimadas who is considered as his leader in the Catalan government.

The arresting of Mr. Puigdemont while traveling to Germany made the Spanish government to believe he will be judged in Spain to face the charges of seduction, rebellion, and corruption. However, their hopes are foiled when he is released on bail and goes back to exile in Belgium. The only way the act of secession by the Catalans Government from Spain is through an open referendum vote.

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