Doe Deere Makes Lime Crime Into A Rogue Styling Brand

Doe Deere is the CEO of Lime Crime and the fashion brand Poppyangeloff. She started by making her own makeup and selling it on eBay, but she found the funding to start the Lime Crime brand as a full Online site. She does a good job of marketing her own brand, and she has gotten away from the counter makeup brands that populate shopping malls.

  1. Lime Crime

Doe Deere has done a good job of starting up this company with the bright colors and vegan products that she wants alternative women to use. She has built up a massive brand because she wants that brand to reach out to women who would not normally buy traditional makeup. Someone who shops with Lime Crime can buy it online, and they can even get hair colors if they need it. She has create things like a spray-on hair color and a special lip color that will stay on no matter what the lady does. She is committed to making women look and feel their best.

  1. Poppyangeloff

The fashion brand that Doe Deere started is an interesting one because she knows that most women who are wearing her makeup and hair colors will find that they buy these fashion items and clothes. This is a brand that she supports and shows off on her own, and she is trying to make it easy for women to look great so that they can have the confidence they need and have a better style. Women could turn to this brand for a signature style, and that also means that they could match her makeup and her clothes together like she does.

  1. Conclusion

Doe Deere has done a great job of making sure that her company will grow, and she is an amazing example of how to make a company better, how to grow a brand, and how to fill a gap in the market. The things that she sells are not found with any other company, and she believes that most people who shop with her can find something that truly represents their style.