The Way Jose Auriemo Brought New Ideas to JHSF

Jose Auriemo is the current president of JHSF which is a company that is owned by family members. Since Jose had been working in the company from the time he was in his teenage years, he was given the opportunity to lead the company as the president when he was 30 years old. Many investors thought that the step that had been taken by JHSF was a great risk to the company. However, this was a good move that the company made because giving Jose an opportunity to lead also gave the company a chance to try on new ideas that were fresh in the market.


Jose Zeco’s Early Life

While with his family, José is normally referred to as Zeco. Since he was young Zeco was liked by almost every member of his family since he was a vibrant young who had started showing his; leadership skills at a very early age. While in his teenage, Zeco attended a meeting of International Youth Coexistence that took place in Japan. He also started traveling at a very early age like he used to be accompanied by one Nelson Pessoa Filho to Europe where they used to practice their Horse riding.

While working at JHSF Zeco was also studying for his Engineering degree at Sau Paulo. This was his way of preparing for his major task of taking over the difficult role of leading his family’s company.


Achievements of Jose Auriemo at JHSF

After acquiring his degree in Engineering and getting all the necessary experience that he needed to take over the company leadership, Zeco ¬†Auriemo was given the opportunity to lead JHSF. Zeco took over the company a lot of eager to take the company to another level. He introduced a strategy that would earn the company a lot of profits through his cooperation with a branch of real estate Company that operated in big cities. Although it first appeared as a risk for the company Auremo’s determination to see his strategy to go through made the company a lot of profits. Zeco brought all the useful strategies that JHSF needed in order to enable its company to go global.