Ted Bauman: Economist, Editor, and Financial Adviser

Ted Bauman is an exemplary person who has dedicated much of his career towards connecting people with resources that assist them in living a much freer financial or sovereign life. Born in Washington, D.C, and partly raised on the eastern shore of Maryland, Bauman later moved to South Africa while still a young person. As a graduate of the University of Cape Town, Ted Bauman went ahead to focus much of his career on matters relating to economics and history. For many years, Bauman acted as a financial advisor assisting people in dire need of such advice. Before being part of organizations such as the Slum Dwellers International (an initiative that went ahead to assist more than 14 million individuals in more than 35 nations), Bauman acted as a fund manager for a housing project aimed for low-income groups in the society.

Bauman’s career spans far and wide. He has managed to act as a consultant for a host of governments across the globe in addition to being sought by the United Nations to advise on a number of policy options. The experiences gave him a clear and further comprehension of how economics and politics go on to influence the society. Having stayed overseas for long, Ted Bauman returned to his native country where he assumed the position of Director of International Programs, a role that fitted him well based on his past experiences that saw him occupying various roles at different capacities.

It was in 2013 when Ted Bauman became part of the Banyan Hill Publishing serving as the editor of The Bauman Letter, a newsletter whose intention is to provide financial advice to individuals on the importance of not only securing but preserving wealth. Here, Ted Bauman provides unique investment strategies that have helped a lot of subscribers of this newsletter. If you happen to take an interest in some of Bauman’s tips, you’ll realize that if you are on the path towards creating for yourself a financially free life, then some of the tips that he offers may go a long way into helping you achieve such.