Choose Securus Wireless Containment Technology For Your Facility

Why More Facilities Are Partnering With Securus


More customers are taking a closer look at the popular Securus Technologies network because of their affordable technologically advanced solution for inmate calls. At one point, Securus was responsible for regulation services under the state Public Utility Commission. They’ve been able to meet the demands of an ever changing inmate calling network. Securus continues to use their surveillance and monitoring technology to secure the safety of the general public and provide a secure network. Thousands of customers have processed over 34 million minutes each year through the Securus network.


Key Executives At Securus Technologies


Rick A. Pickens, CEO and professional business partner is a recent graduate of the University of Ill Illinois School of Business with a Bachelor’s Degree in business and finance. He has used his combined education and experience to lead the inmate calling industry. He also has recently acquired a certification 1 accreditation that will allow a global access inmate calling network. Pickens understood the need for secure inmate calling for overseas detainees. He was also responsible for their crime prevention model designed to eliminate illegal contraband, gambling, and many telecommunications crimes were they start.


Wireless Containment Technology


Your wireless containment model allows you to stop facility cellphone use by inmates. They provide advanced technology features to reduce crime and help add additional security monitoring to a specific facility. You’ll be able to focus on the daily operations of a facility with remote access capabilities. Securus will set-up the technology and operate it remotely outside of the facility with no need for added support. Current personnel will still be able to operate their cellphone unless otherwise instructed by their unique facility. Their current wireless containment technology is being tested at select facilities, but is set to make a full launch in a few months.


Securus Technologies Features


Kiosk Access


The kiosk system feature allows inmates to have access to their financial balance at any time. They can use their state issued id card and use the kiosk machine conveniently from their pod. Select facilities will also allow inmates to order products from the kiosk machine.


Inmate Email


You can send an inmate an email which is the equivalent to a letter and requires one virtual postage stamp. Inmate email options allow you to communicate faster than traditional mail options. Go directly to the Securus Technologies website for more details on how to use the inmate email feature.


Their website has descriptive tabs with their features and rates clearly listed for their customers to use with live online assistance available or support through their customer support 800 number.


Why Securus Technologies Has Become a Leader in Serving Correction Facilities

Securus technologies has become a leader in the provision of various solutions relating to correction facilities. The technology that the company develops has gone a long way in enhancing correction experience of most inmates. Actually, the company has had the opportunity to serve thousands of correction agencies across the country.


The company aims to provide powerful technology solutions for their numerous clients. It is also important to note that the company aims to provide technology that is easy for their clients to use. The company has been operating for a long period of time. This is because it was founded in the year 1986. To make it easier for it to serve numerous clients, the company has offices in different places. For instance, the company has offices in different places including Texas and Atlanta.


With respect to the provision of jobs, the company is in the forefront. For instance, there are more than 1,000 people working for the company. According to their reports, the company currently serves 2,600 facilities across the country. The company aims to provide high quality services for their clients. This is one of the major reasons why it has spent about 600 million dollars on innovations. Some of their money has also been spent on patents and acquiring other companies to enhance their services.


After using the services of the company, there are many clients who have made some testimonials. For instance, the office of the sheriff in New Jersey made a statement that the services of the company has helped them in the apprehension of the criminals involved in bank robbery. The office has been using the services of the company for investigative roles with a lot of success. According to a detention center based in Texas, Securus technologies has helped them to enforce discipline within the facility.


Securus Technologies Serving the Correctional Industry with Care

Securus Technologies has helped immensely in the transformation of the correctional industry in the past couple of decades. The company, unlike other enterprises in the same sector, focused on creating value based innovative products and services. It is what differentiated Securus Technologies from its counterparts. Securus Technologies believes that the only way to lead this highly crowded and competitive industry is to focus on innovation, research, and development. It is what the company managed to do successfully that helped Securus Technologies to develop some of the most advanced products for inmate communications as well as for the law enforcement agencies.
The law enforcement agencies and its officers that use the investigative technologies and tools provided by Securus Technologies are highly satisfied with the performance of the services rendered. It helps them to get hold of crucial information related to crime and criminals that make it easier for them to act quickly, control the damage, and arrest the criminals. On many occasions, the network of Securus Technologies has been able to catch information that has saved lives and made the arrests of leading criminals possible.
Securus Technologies launches new products and services for inmate communications as well as law enforcement agencies now and then. The technology center of Securus Technology is amongst the best in the industry and is known for regularly chalking out some of the best products and services for the correctional industry. One of the innovative services launched by Securus Technology recently is Video Visitation. It enables the prisoners to use their Apple or Android Smartphones to make video calls to their families, which helps them to chat as well as see their loved ones. It is a heart warming service that Securus Technologies launched to help the families who had to travel long distances to see their loved ones who are incarcerated.