How Doe Deere, the “Queen of Unicorns” Created Lime Crime

Doe Deere, also known as the “Queen of Unicorns” is a female entrepreneur with a bright future. She is a businesswoman and an artist that has a mission to improve that cosmetics do much more than most think. You may have seen a lot of her on Instagram where she promotes her brand, Lime Crime.



Deere was born in Russia and lived there for 17 years. She moved to New York City where she lived 14 years. She now lives in Los Angeles. She was an artistic kid from the start with a big imagination; into color and always with paints and pencils handy to use her creative side whenever she had the moment. She wasn’t only interested in color arts; music was very appealing to Deere as a child. When she moved to New York, she became a musician where she learned things such as career and marketing, and the huge efforts it takes to grow as an artist. That’s where she also learned to appreciate the people who would show up at her events. Deere met her now husband in the band where they were both members of. After being in the music industry, Deere then ended up in the makeup industry.



In 2004, Deere needed a name for a new eBay store that she was creating. The first thing that popped up in her mind was “limecrime.” Back then, no one worried about looking at themselves as a brand, so whatever handle name created was ok. When the store was created, the handle represented Deere’s favorite color and also rhymed. Today, the handle represents color revolution, breaking the rules, and not being afraid to color outside the lines, or committing errors. Deere states that the plus side of her company’s name is that it’s searchable because it isn’t common at all.



Deere advises people to follow their hearts because everyone is special. When someone finds their unique skill or quality, that’s when they start to find and reach their truest potential. Deere grew up feeling she was different and alone in her thinking but then learned later on that she was like so many people that also felt the same way. That’s how Lime Crime was born.



In 2008, finding bright and unusual colors was almost impossible to find because everyone was interested in natural looks. Deere’s love for crazy, bright colors led her to the creation of these. The company became profitable for the reason that so many girls were into the same colors as Deere.



Makeup gives Deere the freedom to be herself and express herself without having a fear of judgment. After all, makeup is art, and art should make people feel good about what they do and who they are. Deere hopes her customers feel the same way when they buy products from Lime Crime. In New York, Deere majored in fashion design. What she learned in fashion design, makes her feel that makeup and fashion go hand-in-hand.



Deere is a role model for every makeup and fashion lover. She continues her success every day and hopes to keep inspiring people the way she does now.


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