Research Of Famous Lip Balm Reviews

In this article I will go over a few reviews I’ve read about the lip balm called EOS. After visiting the official website, there is not too much about the founders or creators of the line of products except it was birth out of the hopes of not being the average, run-of-the-mill lip balm. Combined with research into the right ingredients, design, and the feedback from computer, it appears they have achieved their goal.

One consumer commented in their review for EOS Lip Balm that the egg shape makes it easier to get to in her purse. She brought up a good example of how reaching inside the purse only to discover all the contents have similar shapes, therefore feeling exactly the same. Another characteristic of the lip balm the consumer expressed satisfaction about is its formula. In fact, this feature of the product is what they placed the most emphasis on. The reviewer states the product left their lips feeling hydrated long after it’s gone.

Not every consumer gave EOS Lip Balm as high of a praise as most. One in particular remembered how years ago she became so obsessed with the product, purchasing it in abundance. She mentioned the product is of a decent size making it more ergonomic to apply. The lip balm is also smooth once applied and doesn’t have that gritty feel about it. Similar to what the earlier reviewer mentioned, EOS Lip Balm is easy to find in purse do to its egg shape. The only deterrence experienced by this consumer was difficulty in carrying the product around in the front pocket of her pants.

In closing there are far too many reviews to read through, but for the most part EOS Lip Balm as a strong following of satisfied users of its product.