The Chainsmokers Won’t Stop with the Success

Alex Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart formed the Chainsmokers in 2012 after being introduced by mutual friend and manager Adam Alpert. Pall was looking for a new partner for his two-person DJ act and Alpert felt that Taggart, already a DJ, would be a perfect fit. He was correct as the two had an immediate, easy chemistry. They decided to give it a go together and after both men quit their jobs and Taggart moved to New York from Maine they began rehearsing and practicing their synergy and sound full time.

In September of 2014 they made their live debut at Terminal 5 in New York, showcasing theri live talents as the opening act for Timeflies. The performance was a success and the Chainsmokers began release albums for purchase.

They first put out two EPs, “Bouquet” and “Collage”, before making a huge splash with their debut LP “Memories…Do Not Open.” The album was a chart topper, hitting #1 on Billboards Dance/Electronic Chart. “Memories” holds a tie for the third-most consecutive week at #1 with “Demon Days” by the Gorliiaz. Whereas “Demon Days” took 13 years to hit this spot, “Memories” was released in 2017 and is still going strong fro album sales, radio play and club popularity.

The Chainsmokers have released many independent singles for free via their website. They like to release albums containing music with a theme, so their singles are a reflection of what they write that doesn’t fit on an album. The releases are staggered to allow each single to maximize its playtime, rather than inundating the market with a dozen songs every month or two. They have collaborated with many other musicians, from fellow DJs like DJ Tiesto and singers like Halsey, one of their more recent collaborations.

After “Memories” was such a huge hit the Chainsmokers released another EP, “Sick Boy”, and have announced they are working on an untitled full-length LP due for release in late 2018 or early 2019. The duo tour the country regularly and put a lot of effort into their live shows to make each unique.

Personalized Alex Pall

Alex Pall is half of the group, The Chainsmokers. He and his other DJ half, Andrew Taggart have something fantastic going for them. They have to come to the top in the world of DJ’s, and they do not plan on slowing down.

The Chainsmokers’ duo became what it is when their current manager had them meet and talk about becoming a group and making it official. As the duo talked about more than music and the effect that it had on both of them, they realized that they were a perfect fit to continue and pursue their dreams of becoming DJ’s and world-renowned artists. They worked a lot of overtime with each other, and it was more like magic.

Alex Pall has stated that he knows most artists are not as authentic as they used to be; they do not even write their songs or produce their work. When they work with songwriters, they are still there alongside them, giving them input and telling them what they think will be best. When they were compiling their first album, many of the songs were all Alex and Andrew.

Alex Pall and his duo have become a big name for themselves, and they know it. Their music is popular with not just college kids, but people of ages from teens to people in their 30’s. This type of popularity means that they have to be ready to put on a show and perform their music in much bigger arenas.

The ambition and drive that they both have is taking The Chainsmokers to new heights and will continue to push them. Alex Pall is very excited how his genre of music is changing. He is looking forward to seeing what else will come of it.

Since Alex Pall is more transparent than most of the DJ’s throughout the world, he feels that he has added a more personalized element to his music. He writes a lot if not all of his songs and has opened himself up in a genre that usually is often lacking in emotion and feeling.