Choose Securus Wireless Containment Technology For Your Facility

Why More Facilities Are Partnering With Securus


More customers are taking a closer look at the popular Securus Technologies network because of their affordable technologically advanced solution for inmate calls. At one point, Securus was responsible for regulation services under the state Public Utility Commission. They’ve been able to meet the demands of an ever changing inmate calling network. Securus continues to use their surveillance and monitoring technology to secure the safety of the general public and provide a secure network. Thousands of customers have processed over 34 million minutes each year through the Securus network.


Key Executives At Securus Technologies


Rick A. Pickens, CEO and professional business partner is a recent graduate of the University of Ill Illinois School of Business with a Bachelor’s Degree in business and finance. He has used his combined education and experience to lead the inmate calling industry. He also has recently acquired a certification 1 accreditation that will allow a global access inmate calling network. Pickens understood the need for secure inmate calling for overseas detainees. He was also responsible for their crime prevention model designed to eliminate illegal contraband, gambling, and many telecommunications crimes were they start.


Wireless Containment Technology


Your wireless containment model allows you to stop facility cellphone use by inmates. They provide advanced technology features to reduce crime and help add additional security monitoring to a specific facility. You’ll be able to focus on the daily operations of a facility with remote access capabilities. Securus will set-up the technology and operate it remotely outside of the facility with no need for added support. Current personnel will still be able to operate their cellphone unless otherwise instructed by their unique facility. Their current wireless containment technology is being tested at select facilities, but is set to make a full launch in a few months.


Securus Technologies Features


Kiosk Access


The kiosk system feature allows inmates to have access to their financial balance at any time. They can use their state issued id card and use the kiosk machine conveniently from their pod. Select facilities will also allow inmates to order products from the kiosk machine.


Inmate Email


You can send an inmate an email which is the equivalent to a letter and requires one virtual postage stamp. Inmate email options allow you to communicate faster than traditional mail options. Go directly to the Securus Technologies website for more details on how to use the inmate email feature.


Their website has descriptive tabs with their features and rates clearly listed for their customers to use with live online assistance available or support through their customer support 800 number.