Drew Madden: Never Miss An Opportunity

In today’s fast-changing world of healthcare, businesses that stay ahead of their competitors never miss an opportunity. Whether venturing into a new aspect of healthcare, updating their technology, or other aspects that lead to innovative ideas, a forward-thinking approach such as this always leads to great results. This has become evident recently, as healthcare insurer Aetna and world-renowned pharmaceutical chain CVS have announced plans to merge their companies, creating the ability to greatly expand their customer base. This move, along with finding out online retail giant Amazon has obtained pharmaceutical licenses in multiple states, leads one to conclude the healthcare industry as we know it will be undergoing drastic changes in the upcoming years. Because of this, healthcare entrepreneurs such as Drew Madden are finding their services to be in high demand.

Currently one of the founders of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a healthcare consulting company focusing on IT operations and change management, Drew Madden has more than two decades experience helping companies, healthcare facilities, and other related businesses solve the most complex problems. Using his B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering, he has worked extensively to design state-of-the-art electronic medical records systems that utilize cloud technology and other aspects to create systems that are more secure than ever. As a result, he has been able to help numerous organizations put aside systems that were relying on outdated software, and instead provide online medical records systems that keep vital medical and personal data safe and secure.

Prior to founding Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew Madden had already established himself as perhaps the leading authority in the healthcare IT industry. This came from his years at Nordic Consulting Partners, where he served as co-founder and President. A small healthcare IT consulting firm when it began, Drew quickly began to get incredible results. Starting with only 10 employees, it grew to include more than 700 skilled IT professionals when he left. Along with this, the client list went from three to 150, and annual revenues from $1 million to over $130 million. With results like this, it’s no wonder Drew Madden’s reputation speaks for itself.