James Dondero Highlights Benefits of Engaging in Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy refers to the act of a business promoting the community’s welfare through charitable donations as well as funds. Corporate philanthropy is essential to the business operations since it supports communities by fostering employee engagement while generating business value. Last years, many corporations donated more than $17 billion toward corporate philanthropy. One such company is Highland Capital Management, led by James Dondero. James Dondero, the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, is a committed man with multiple responsibilities. His duties revolve around improving his community. Dallas. A holder of two degrees, James Dondero, studied accounting in addition to finance. He is an alumnus of the University of Virginia School of Commerce.

Thereafter, he delved into career ventures where he started practicing finance at JPMorgan Chase and Company before heading to the American Express. While serving in the company, he was in charge of the firm’s $1 billion worth of assets. Dondero moved to Protective Life in 1989. Starting as nothing but an idea, James Dondero transformed the concept he has for his future company into a business worth $2 billion. After years of garnering experience in the finance industry, Mr. Dondero established his company, Highland Capital Management. He also succeeded in garnering a stellar reputation by serving as one of the largest firms specializing in alternative credit managers and private equity accounts.

Even though he commits a substantial portion of his life to serve clients in the financial industry, Mr. Dondero is also a huge contributor to the charitable activities in the Dallas community. He is concerned about the welfare of the community. Therefore, he makes it a point to involve himself in charity. His involvement entails the Dallas Zoo project. Initially, the zoo was closed in 2011 since the hippopotamus habitat was swept out when one hippo died. Since he’s generous, James Dondero joined local philanthropists to donate $14 million toward the cause. Visitors can now view the hippos since the zoo has been reopened and named after Highland Capital Management. Dondero mentioned that the organization was committed to positively helping organizations. He is excited to be the manager of a firm that cares about providing rewarding experiences to the Dallas community.

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