New Residential Investment Corporation portfolio

New Residential Investment Corporation is based in the United States; it has been in the market for a long time. They invest in various sectors including Excess mortgages and loans; the company also manages multiple investments. New Residential Investment Corporation aims to create risk-adjusted returns through their investments. The CEO of the company Michael Nierenberg is devoted to research new opportunities in the real estate sector and gather the necessary resources to execute the plans of the company. The primary forces of the company are to invest in, MSRs, associated call rights, non- agency RMBS among others.

The mission of New Residential corporation is to provide leverage to the shareholders by delivering attractive returns for consistent growth in dividends. The company management team is devoted to ensuring that they only target assets which are likely to generate long-term cash flows as well as develop conservative capital. The targeted assets should generate returns in different interest rates changes.

In the aftermath crisis of the United States, New Residential Investment corporation has taken this as an opportunity since the industry is under significant changes. The company has plans to combine their capital, business connections and extensive experience to establish new residential areas.

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