OSI Group Has Been Innovating And Growing Since 1909

OSI Group is a global player in the food market and has earned a valuable reputation in the market as a leading innovator and healthy food processor. OSI Group has been involved in meat products and food processing for more than 100 years since first starting out in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. Back when the company was still a meat market, Otto managed to make key moves to expand the business and build collaborations with strong companies. As a German immigrant, Otto was eager to make his mark and succeed with the vast amount of opportunity that was all around him. Otto found success where he landed in Chicago which became his home and the start of his meat shop.

As he outdid the other markets in the area, Otto’s company grew further and eventually became Otto and Sons when his children joined the company as well. One of the biggest times for expansion for the company was when Otto came across a better way to ship out there meats at wholesale. When the opportunity came, Otto took it and became one of the leading meat providers in the entire country, building a massive reputation not just around the nation, but throughout the local community as well.

Otto & Sons saw exponential growth back in the 1950’s when they first went into business with McDonald’s providing them with thousands of beef patties all over the nation. Thanks to the new innovations that were developed over the years, Otto & Sons was able to expand on their meat services many times. As the first and original supplier to the McDonald’s franchise, OSI Group has had a key relationship in place for more than 60 years. It wasn’t until 1975 that the OSI Group changed the company named from Otto & Sons, with the approval of the companies original owners. This reflected the transition of the company to new leadership and also the expansion into new food products outside of just meat.