Business School in India Ranked Number Seven Thanks to Vinod Gupta

Education is worth its weight in gold and for many, it’s helped them to rise above their own humble beginnings to go on to accomplish great things. Vindo Gupta is one such example, a man who overcame much and established a Business School in 1993 to provide others with the opportunities he didn’t have when he was younger.
His school, called the Vinod Gupta School of Management, was ranked number seven this year by the National Institutional Ranking Framework who release yearly ranks of institutions for higher education in India each year. The rankings have been developed by the Government of India since 2015 and are based off of a set of parameters to determine the ranking of the school.
The business school was judged using these parameters and factors like students who graduated, median salary, and other were also taken into consideration. The institutions that are ranked usually have a focused area of study and in the case of Mr. Vinod’s school, it’s management.
Vinod didn’t start out as a successful man though and had to work his way up to the top to open the school. Born on July 4th, 1946 he lived in a village that is one hundred miles north of New Delhi. The village had no electricity, roads, or running water so already the odds were stacked against him from day one. Despite all this, he was able to get a high school education and his B. Tech degree in 1967.
With the help of his family, they were able to borrow money to get him a plane ticket so he could fly to Nebraska to continue his studies. Vinod eventually earned his engineering degree in 1969 and spent another two years in university to get his Masters degree in Business Administration. Today, his continued dedication to excellence shows from how well-rounded his school has become in recent years.

Jeff Herman and Your Help with a Sexual Abuse Case

If you have ever dealt with sexual abuse or know of someone who has, it is about time that you got the compensation and justice that you need. The best way for you to do this is by working with Herman Law, which is a great law firm that specializes in all things sexual abuse related. The owner and operator of Herman Law is Jeff Herman, and he works exclusively with sexual abuse victims of all ages. Whether this be an adult, child, teen or senior, Jeff Herman can assist in creating the case and bringing it to a court of law.

The most important thing that you do is get in contact with Herman Law and see what they can do for you. Developing a case requires evidence and all other information that you’re going to need to get the case going for your own benefit. Jeff Herman can develop this case for you at a fee that you’ll find to be quite affordable. You do not need to spend a lot of money to see justice being served, and this is the reason so many have chosen Herman Law and are finding this particular company to help them with their needs and options.

There is nothing worse than dealing with abuse and then having your abuser go free without justice being served to them. If you’re tired of this happening and want to see your abuser punished for what they have done, Jeff Herman is a lawyer you can trust and who will be on your side when you make the decision to hire him. The most important thing to remember is that you need to get in contact with Jeff Herman and have him begin developing the case for you at a price you can afford. Now is a good time to get a lawyer on your side and know they are working with you in every way they can to prevent your abuser from getting away without anything even happening to them despite what they might have done to you or to someone else you know.

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The Ethical Advocate

A quest for justice is usually proceeded by a long an arduous search for that most sought after being known as a competent and ethical lawyer. Every year, as the justice system becomes more and more complex it is impatative to find people who don’t just practice law, but also love the work that they have studied and trained for so long to promulgate. As demonstrated in the life and career of Bruno Fagali.

Bruno Fagali, a Brazilian lawyer, attended Pontifical Catholic University of San Paulo where he earned a Bachelors of Law degree, Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo to earn a Specialization in Administrative Law, and then went on to graduate from the University of San Paulo with a Masters degree. After leaving the halls of acedamia he gained real life experience working for several law firms before starting his own firm.

Utilizing his many years of education and experience Bruno Fagali opened a practice in the beautiful country of Brazil where he works tirelessly to obtain justice for his clients. Amongst his many talents he posses a working knowledge of Administrative Law, Ethics, Compliance, Regulatory Law, and Urban Law. At one point in his career he was appointed the role of Corporate Integrity Manager. It was his duty to work with the advertising firm and its employees to be transparent and ethical in their practices. He set the high standards that others were to adopt in an effort to eradicate systemic corporate corruption.

High standards of ethical and moral behavior are demonstrated in his work and the trust Bruno Fagali’s employers and subordinates place in him every day. The name, Bruno Fagali, is a known and respected name that continues to elevate his work and that of his fellow colleagues.

Ryan Seacrest – Distinction is the New Black

The materials that Ryan Seacrest has designed for his new consumer clothing line are the best quality the market has to offer. The materials were important to the style he wanted. Ryan Seacrest needed to be ready to give the most up to date trends to his fans. He and Macy’s needed to supply the nation with fashion that was the most effective within the business world and the fashion world. They joined one another to make cool clothes and comfort a standard. The perception that Ryan was going for was one that would portray a modern man in a trendy light. He needed to confirm that the trendy man would be able to continue his busy life-style and still feel comfy in his clothes. The suits were made to be practical and cozy. They are designed to be quick-care, so they will travel easily. The suits were created with custom material and cuts. Everything was chosen by Ryan Seacrest. Macy’s counseled their best makers and distributors, and they are merchandising the clothes as modern business wear.

The idea for the brand behind Ryan Seacrest’s suits was Ryan himself. His looks while competing on American Idol created the design he was going for, and his TV and radio shows have carried the image. He’s a contemporary staple of culture, and he’s on the TV screens of twenty million folks. His regular appearances on American Idol became a hit, and his fashion sense has spread to an abundance of Americans. The suits designed by Ryan Seacrest were influenced by his suits that he wore while on American Idol. Every suit was designed by Bailey. The vogue fashion was closely tapered, and also the materials were hand-picked from the most exclusive materials.

Ryan Seacrest began to create his garments for the average household consumer. The styles of his suits mirror his fashion decisions, and they became a standard in America. He’s hosting another season of American Idol this year. Ryan Seacrest is developing his look overseas as well. He has multiple TV shows in production to build up his star power and fan base.

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Gregory Aziz’ Success With National Steel Car: A Work of Luck Or Hard Work?

1Businesses, in order to succeed and not stagnate, should not be complacent. They should not enjoy or bask in their laurels too much. They should keep on educating themselves. Sure, they should avoid ruin by being conservative most of the time in their decisions to make their operations better. But they should not also be too afraid to try new things. The trick there is to try new things in small doses, and implement and start living the kind of new life that these changes offer. It pays to be inventive, new and fresh, but it also pays to be prudent, risk-averse and conscious of hidden risks. Today, one of the few remarkable and wise business leaders that have made the right decisions to make their companies survive is National Steel Car’s, Gregory James Aziz.



The Gregory J Aziz Strategies


We can say a lot of things about how National Steel Car has remained in operations for about 100 years already. Sure, we can say that it’s the utter randomness that contributed to this achievement. It could be because luck was so loving to a certain entity and National Steel Car is that kind of firm, if the company were to be made into an entity graced by fortune. However, it is also not wrong to say that a lot of the growth in National Steel Car could have come from Greg James Aziz’ remarkable way and intuitive level of decision-making that helps the company sustain the modern challenges of finance, competition and technology today.


The railroad car industry in North America would be incomplete without including the contribution of National Steel Car. In fact, it is already accurate to say that National Steel Car is an institution in the production, distribution, and marketing of railroad cars in North America. The large chunk of that growth could not have come from just plain randomness and the magic of Lady Fortuna. See Related Link for more information.


It has probably, more likely in fact, come from the way Mr. Aziz handles his rapport with the workforce, the way he applies the finance marketing solutions he learned while working in New York as a finance specialist, and the way he understands the real needs of the market. As a result of this series of decisions, National Steel Car has been earning a series of awards, including the reputation of being named as North America’s most established railroad freight car producer. ISO have recognized the growth of the company awarding it the ISO 9001:2008 certification and received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.

For Alexandre Gama Hardwork Is Key To Success

Alexandre Gama knows all too well how hard work and determination can pay off in spades. The Brazilian entrepreneur and owner of one of Brazil’s most prominent advertising firms, Neogama. Gama graduated from Brazil’s prestigious Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation with a degree in Advertising and Communications in 1982. He then took a job at Standard Ogilvy & Mather that same year where Gama was a copywriter until 1990.

Gama finally caught a big break when he was hired by DM9 as a creative director, a dream job that he had been yearning for. Gama did such a good job at DM9 that he was hired as the CEO/COO of Young & Rubicam in 1996. Finally, in 1999 Gama launched his own advertising agency, Neogama, in 1999.

The company was an instant success, winning a Golden Lion at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival and have since won another 22 as of 2016.


Dr. Saad Saad a creative and successful surgeon.

Dr. Saad is an expert in the pediatric surgeon. He has accomplished numerous pediatric surgeries in his career. Saad is always searching for latest ways to upgrade the current process and methods. He has always provoked the state to research new techniques to minimize pain and the danger occurrence during patients operation. As an outcome, he had patented two innovations and made a lot of pediatric surgical processes. Saad has worked over 40 years performing pediatric surgery for his community and patients in other places. In the United States, Dr. Saad has assisted his people and while in Holyland he has aided both children and young adults.

The catheter is slender tube created from medical level to work on a broad variety of functions. It can be put in the human body to cure diseases or to accomplish surgical procedure. A catheter can be used to drain urine and gases other catheters can be placed inside the body and stay there for meantime or forever. When a catheter is inserted into the body, the surgeons use an X-ray to find exactly where is inserted. When X-Ray gets repeatedly performed, it can be risky to your body because you get exposed to radiation. Though Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) can be used as an alternative, but they are big and not mobile.

Dr. Saad comes up with equipment that aids in tracking the catheter without any need to perform scanning in the body of the patient. The device he innovated is like a metal detector. This invention of a catheter is believed to be future solutions in the field of surgery.

The second invention of Dr. Saad made was to upgrade the endoscopes. Endoscopes are the device used to view the inner part of the body like inside the bladder, colon, throat, and stomach. Due to the fluids found in our body, the endoscopes can be employed allowing the doctors to observe the inner organs. To get rid of invisible endoscopes a suction-irrigation instrument was invented to enable visibility. Suction-irrigation is used to remove liquid that is obstructing the doctors to view the endoscope. Dr. Saad has used the device on many patients when removing foreign bodies.

Dr. Saad was born and brought up in Kuwait, together with his seven siblings. Saad attended Kuwait high school in 1965. He later attained his medical degree in Egypt, Cairo University 47 years ago. Saad was positioned as the second best in his class. After completing his internship in England, he moved to the United States in 1973. He performed his surgery on the certified board in pediatric surgery of USA. He is blessed with four children whereby one is a lawyer, two are surgeons and a Nurse in ICU. Dr. Saad is located in Eatontown, NJ and he has vast experience of over 40 years. His specializes in general and pediatric surgery. Learn more:

Networking and Friendship Building — Jose Hawilla

Entrepreneurs understand the worth of a massive network. Your networking skills can verify your sphere of influence, and it’ll verify the length of reach you’ve got within the market. You need to maintain a large network if you would like to own a thriving business. The networking skills of thriving entrepreneurs are often topics of discussion for speakers and authors. The most effective way to network is by creating friends. If you’re be able to build a network of friends, then you’ll be able to network wherever you go. Folks like to be near those they understand, and they like to meet friendly new people who share their interests. You need to be hospitable in every experience with new friends to make an effective network for your business.


The most effective way to meet new friends and network is by presenting yourself to others as an interesting person. They will respond well to a friendly smile and firm acknowledgment. After you discuss your passion and build perspective in your mission, others will perceive the worth in your business. Once you let them know how it solves a problem or how it may help them, they’ll answer you by partaking in your network. Other entrepreneurs are always eager to help out with businesses that are related to theirs! After you show folks your passion and their profit, they’ll inherently request to be a part of it so they don’t miss out on any good opportunities. Sensible networking additionally entails sensible relationship building. Always hold up your end of the bargain, don’t break guarantees to those that are in your network. As you cultivate your relationships and cater to your network of new business friends, you’ll start to notice your business growing exponentially. You can check out YouTube for the videos.




Jose Hawilla is a superb networker. He treats his friends and associates with the respect that they require, and he offers them new opportunities whenever they are available. His networking skills have allowed him to achieve radio, television, marketing, and football success. Jose Hawilla has created a superb network of sturdy entrepreneurs throughout the country of Brazil.



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The 2018 Midterm Elections & End Citizens United

End Citizens United Career History & Background
In politics, there are so many factors that play into who gets elected into office and why. Without having to discuss that topic in and of itself, simply put, political elections would be very different without political action committees. In the United States of America, these political action committees play the role of gathering campaign contributions from representatives and donates those funds to campaign for or against candidates. As we can see, these committees can make or break elections and its candidates. Known in the political world as PACS, they have influenced elections in ways that have not ever been done before since their creation. Having said that, with the various (PACS) that there are in politics, perhaps none have been as impactful as the End Citizens United political action committee.

This PAC, which was originally created to reverse the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision in the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, has grown into one of the most influential and supportive PAC’s in the nation. Having had a hand in pretty much every election since PACS were created, the End Citizens United PAC has been at the forefront of choosing leaders as prestige as the President. So, to further understand how and why they have accomplished so much as a political committee, here is more on End Citizens United and their 2018 midterm election candidates.

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More on End Citizens United & Midterm Candidates
As alluded to before, there are many factors that have contributed to the committee’s overall success. With tremendous support and contributions are given to candidates over the years with plenty of success, there is no denying that End Citizens United knows how to play the political system. Also, in preaching the idea of corporations against people, End Citizens United has persuaded many to join and except PAC contributions from them. Of the many candidates that have accepted PAC contributions from them, some of the more notable candidates for the 2018 midterm election include Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, and Dean Heller just to name a few of many. As we can see from just a few of the many prominent members of this committee, End Citizens United has become one of the most highly-regarded PAC’s in politics. All in all, they are once again expected to make a big impact on the upcoming election with plans to continue to do so far into the future.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi And His Transformative Contributions For Bradesco

We have so many things to consider when we want to start a business. We have risks to consider, and things that would put a limit on the growth of our business. Fortunately for Bradesco, Brazil’s leading bank, it is able to get the support of many people and the expertise of renowned bank specialists, such as Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

The Contribution of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

It is said that for a business to fly, the executives should take risks. They should never engage in virtue signaling and instead of starting a non-profit to save the world, it might as well be better to just start or expand a business. This is the series of lessons that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has learned during his tenure at Bradesco. Truly, what Luiz Cappi is doing all his time for Bradesco is expand the growth of the company. This contribution has been seen when before he started working for Bradesco as clerk, the bank had just lost the lead in the competition for best performance to its rival Unibanco. When he came in, he ruled out the run for first place and now has made Bradesco the second largest bank in Brazil.

One of the biggest contributions and decisions, too , of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi for Bradesco is the fact that after the election of Lazaro Brandao as the bank’s Chairman of the Board, Mr. Cappi initiated the purchase of HSBC in Brazil for about the US $5.2 billion, which is right now one of the biggest purchases of Bradesco. With such market share and purchase, there’s little surprise why Bradesco outperformed Unibanco in three categories, which include branch network and total investment funds. In the other aspects, such as deposits and loans granted, authorities reported that Bradesco was also close to the top.

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Another significant addition of Mr. Cappi was the fact that he initiated a public forum kind of discussion in Bradesco where each employee can voice out their concerns and where potential calumnies and corporate complaints could be addressed according to It is said that the best way to handle issues is for third parties to avoid intervening. Intervention for the wrong reasons in an attempt to help could end up harming more. Many cooks spoil the broth, and for this matter, the issues of a company could escalate. Mr. Cappi understands these issues, and in relation to this, what he does is make sure that he offers complete avenues for people to directly voice out their concerns without letting any agent or middle man misinterpret the concerns. In this effort, he gathers all the employees inside a room in the form of ritual and let them voice out the urgent concerns of the workforce.

About Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Cappi has been with Bradesco since 1969, and he’s gone through the standard hierarchy structure of the company until he became its CEO. Since leading Bradesco, there’s about 30% growth in Bradesco’s profit. His position has also managed to create a corporate university that created a series of renewed relations among the bank’s workforce.

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