“Paul Saunder,The Principal “

James River- Capital Corp is a company founded by Saunders, who is also the principal and the Chief Executive officer of James River Capital Crop .He is also the portfolios manager for James River financial product .He began his career in investment banking and later moved to trading and investments .He has risen and top in that field for 30 years .Paul is married to his wife Vicki for 39years and they are very passionate about philanthropy. They recently launched Saunders Foundation and supported several organizations. James operates this website with aim to assist the firm to help the qualified employment candidates.


In our country burnout is a penetrating issue, Paul Saunders give out an advice on how to aid your employees. Work can be very stressful combined with one’s personal life the problem of burnout is very real and it can result a lot. When we take keen to warning signs we can prevent burnout and allow for new necessary changes and get back to normal. Here are some of the effective ways to help people especially our employees if they have burnout. Firstly most people tend to loss control on things like time and schedule management and eventually end up feeling hopeless and helpless thus causing burnout .therefore employees should have flexible policies that’s have no restrictions. Employees are supposed to be given some time to state their goals that they are supposed to accomplish so that they can restore their control.


Most of times employees feels that they are overlooked in term of promotion ,they are not compensated for the work they are doing or feel that some employees are being favored and them they are not fully supported from upper management. They end up having negative feelings thus resulting to burnout. As a manager it’s good to be open to your employee and try to treat them equally and while making a decision try to communicate to them and give reasonable explanations and engage them in workshops, this will curb burnout.


Some employees get angry and upset when they are stressed and they are not able to control their emotions and this cause burnout which results to modiness,lack of motivation and negative attitude .as a manager you need to talk to your employee and offer support .Also when employee experience burnout he/she ends up losing confident about herself and their work .and when they aren’t sure about their work they end up not doing it at all to curb this ,check the employee time to time and assist them make reasonable personal goal and this will help gain their confidence. James rivers provides investment advisory services, and his company offers commodity trading, investment, advisory and managements. He serves customers at United States. Learn more: https://patch.co/mvirginia/richmond/paul-saunders-principal-james-river-capital-corp-burnout