Roseann Bennett Incorporates Canine Assisted Therapy

Roseann Bennett is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist from New Jersey. She has been an in-home therapist for a few years. During this time, she realized that ongoing outpatient treatments were needed for those who could not afford expensive treatments. She and her husband Todd started the Center For Assessment and Treatment with their own funds to provide ongoing counseling services. She operates the center in a therapeutic and beneficial way for her clients. As the Executive Director, she runs the programs and maintains the clinic’s daily operations.


She believes in different kinds of therapeutic activities like Canine Assisted Therapy. Animals have been used in different ways to help humans with various tasks for a long time. Scientists have been studying the symbiotic relationship between humans and canines for 35 years. The studies have shown dogs can be in tune with desires, emotional changes, and needs of their owners.


Roseann Bennett welcomed the therapy dog Jack into the center. She said Jack will help her enhance established interventions and pursue traditional therapeutic measures. She recognized the relationship between children and dogs, which included calming children with autism and teaching kids about social interaction. Her husband is the Operations Director and he helped her select Jack as the perfect candidate. Jack was 15 weeks old when they found him, and his training was effective. He made an instant bond with Bennett’s family after she allowed her child to play with him. Go Here for more information.


In order for Jack to become a Certified Therapy Dog, they enrolled him in a two week obedience training course. He received his certificate of completion on July, 4 2018. Roseann Bennett continues to teach Jack, and she is optimistic about his ability to help potential clients.


Thousands of patients rely on the center’s staff for support. Bennett strives to help them maintain health wellness, long-term prosperity, and stability. She is excited about the results of Jack’s training and she hopes he will prove the Canine Assisted Therapy research.


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