Sean Penn’s “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

Famous Hollywood actor Sean Penn is making his debut into a new arena, a novelist. His release of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, details the frustration and anger of political activist Bob Honey. Honey, fueled by this political anger, is driven to murder the elderly in a grizzly fashion with a mallet. The plot of Penn’s book seems to be fueled by his own political interests and dissatisfaction with the Trump Administration. References to Donald Trump throughout the novel are blunt and attempt to define the culture in our country.


Penn’s novel also draws attention to the controversial #metoo movement. While he supports the movement, he is unsure if it is capable of making the sweeping change necessary for reform. The details of the book are meant to reflect the strange times facing American society today. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff includes talk regarding the women’s movement received stiff opposition from his critics including the New York Times.


Sean Penn has no regrets making the transition from actor to writer. While he still would enjoy acting, he is no longer passionate about it. He believes the overbearing influence of theater overwhelms the media industry and negatively impacts society. As a writer, he finds more comfort in the solidarity of a writer’s lifestyle. While critics are skeptical of his sarcastic writing style, many writers have praised his work.


Penn is enjoying the writer’s lifestyle and his future as a novelist remains unpredictable. The erratic story of Bob Honey is reflective of the lifestyle lived by Penn. Penn has hinted at a possible sequel to Bob Honey, however, no details have been provided. This unpredictable style is the heart of what Penn enjoys as a novelist. Sean Penn will continue to surprise his fans through his incredible talent as well as his gravitating mystery.