Steve Ritchie Creates a Path for Papa John’s Recovery

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the word emotional intelligence. As such, Steve Ritchie has his finger on the pulse of helping rebrand Papa John’s Pizza. Papa John’s new CEO understood the first thing he needed to do was to admit where the company may have fallen short in the area of leadership before his tenure. As such, anything that resembles racism and insensitivity is not tolerated at any level in the company.

The approach of Steve Ritchie makes sense because Papa John’s is far more than a single individual. The company is big, and employs up to 120,000 franchise and corporate employees from all walks of life around the world. All of these people commit to providing the best services and products in their industry. Steve Ritchie believes that getting results is about doing, and not just talking.

Steve Ritchie also values the insights and input of outside diversity experts who will help audit Papa John’s company culture. Once strengths and weakness are clear, the company can set new goals to achieve. Steve Ritchie sent his top managers on the road to get valuable feedback from employees in the field. Ritchie wants a positive path for the company to move forward.

Papa John’s is on a mission to regain the trust of any customers they may have lost or offended recently. As such, the effort to reboot may take time. Papa John’s is up for the challenge. Ritchie’s approach to the challenge shows that he has people skills and emotional intelligence. These are traits any CEO should possess. It is the right move to jump-start the company’s recovery process.

Companies, like individuals, are only allowed to make so many mistakes in life. People and companies will often fumble, but it is how they recover that makes all the difference in the world. Steve Ritchie is helping Papa John’s make the recovery that will rebrand the company in a positive light for years to come.