The Acne Crises


We have all struggled with pimples, bumps or bad acne that effect our self-esteem. Acne or Acne Vulgaris is a chronic inflammation of our hair follicles that appear on our skin. It starts in the pores of our hair and sebaceous follicles. If bacteria is trapped in the oils the skin produces it can result is acne. Furthermore, there is a whole second set of issues when the skin cells then darken and become closed comedones. These closed comedones state results in blackheads which can occur before after or doing visual puss formation and it can lead to what feels like the end of the world. Or decreases in confidence and self-esteem. Here are a few things to keep in mind in scheduling your appointment with your dermatologist.

Hormones and Genetics:

-Acne may be driven by hormones and genetic which means cures are available and a dermatologist can help find the cure. If acne is developing due to changes in hormonal shifts such as increase and decreases in androgen/testosterone and estrogen and tend to affect the face and back chest and arms.

-Athletes: Having acne as an athlete can be extremely frustrating. You are routinely in physical activity which releases so many toxins and maintain a healthy diet to perform properly. First food does not generally cause acne. It is the misconception that greasy fatty foods create pimples because what is on the face is usually a symptom of what is going on from the inside. Also, let’s weed out all head gears, supplements, and weather conditions‚Ķ. So whats the skin issue all about?! Exercising can cause your skin to break out because it increases testosterone and sebum secretion. Sweat increasing in conjunction with friction heat and pressure can cause acne. It is more of the heat than the sweat so be sure to wear breathable, cool clothing and headgear.

Natural and Medical Treatments: Treatments can It hurt like heck and can be very expensive and time consuming if not diagnosed correctly. For that much time and money who can afford not have speedy results. Here are some hit or miss solutions to save you some time: mild chemical peels, laser treatments (not covered by insurance), oral contraceptives such as birth control have been known to fail miserably.

Topical Antibiotics: There are some acne solutions that have been proven to have good results when prescribed or recommended by a dermatologist such as Benzol Peroxide, Akne-Mycin, Clindamycin

Cystic Lesions: Some dermatologist may prescribe Accutane /Isotretinoin for curing aggressive acne

Tretinoin and Retinal: These two are generally used for whiteheads and blackheads

Your dermatologist may suggest a full blood panel test which can help to better evaluate your acne and skin type. This is a great step before you apply any skin solutions.

Highly Recommended Tips:

It is important to note that first and foremost people may also be washing their face too often and make acne worse. Dr. Tim Ioannides, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Treasure Coast Dermatology share his expertise with future dermatologists, in addition, to help clients achieve clear skin. Some patients may be put on a peel and make appointments for injections to prevent scarring and taking over your entire life.


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