Matt Badiali urges investors to take up Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is the person who introduced the idea of the Freedom Checks. He introduced this idea because he knew very well that it would help thousands of Americans to make money from investing. For about decades, he has been trying very hard to come up with investment ideas which can transform the lives of ordinary Americans. His wish is to see the ordinary investors make money from the investments sector by applying his recommendations. He started giving advice to investors in 2004 when he was pursuing his Ph.D. Believes that his knowledge should be utilized in helping the average Americans.

When Matt Badiali introduced the concept of freedom checks, some people thought that it was too good to be true. However, looking back at what has happened in the past few months, someone will agree that it is one of the best decisions one could ever make. Those who invested early in the idea are now making millions from the industry. He has managed to transform the lives of people who have enjoyed super normal profits from their investments. By his estimate, it was possible for investors to make up to 8000 percent return. Few opportunities have such a high potential.

Freedom Checks come from businesses that deal with natural resources. According to Matt Badiali, companies that explore natural resources found in the United States will be recording very high returns in the coming years. Why is that so? The oil and gas industry will be witnessing an increase in demand for oil and gas as the international market faces challenges. The Middle East countries have seen a drop in the production of oil. To know more about the company click here.

American companies which are exploring the resources will have huge returns which they will share with the investors. According to statute 26-F of internal revenue, these companies will give out a huge part of the revenue to investors. The money that will be given out is what Matt Badiali calls the Freedom Checks. Freedom Checks will be received by those who shall have invested in these companies that he calls MLPs. These Check are, therefore, a legitimate idea which every person should try out.

How Matt Badiali’s “Freedom Checks” Turned Out to Be a Real Way to Realize Huge Returns

There are endless scams around nowadays. There are multi-level marketing schemes where the only people that make any real money are those at the top. There are endless “work from home” jobs where you end up stuffing envelopes for hours making likely less than a buck an hour doing so. The usual pitch is that you only have to work a few hours a week and you’ll make big bucks doing so.

Due to this fact, people will reflexively run away from anything that even smells a little weird or different. That is actually unfortunate, though, because they end up ignoring valid business ventures and other opportunities. People thought this about Matt Badiali and the “Freedom Checks” he was describing as a way to attain financial freedom. However, even though they sound too good to be true they are anything but a scam as it turns out.

Matt Badiali, a financial analyst who also has a background in geology, says that these have been around for a long time and many people have been earning money from them for years. His career has taken him all over the world as both a geologist and financial analyst. He says he won’t recommend that the readers of his Real Wealth Strategist invest in something unless he has personally seen it with his own eyes. He will physically visit oil fields, gold mines, and offices to make sure it’s a good investment.

Matt Badiali decided to call Master Limited Partnerships (MLP) “Freedom Checks” because it explains what they really are in a catchy way. Matt Badiali says that by law an organization in the oil & gas industry set up as an MLP must return all of their profits to their shareholders. This means you can get big checks deposited in your account on a regular, ongoing basis by investing in these types of organizations. He released a video about this that sounded too good to be true but as it turns out it is, in fact, the real McCoy.

JD.Com Commitment to Social Responsibility

China’s largest retailer, has partnered with The China Children and Teenagers Fund (CCTF) and WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) in launching a second yearly Green Planet-Sustainable week. The company intends to create awareness of sustainable consumption in the globe’s most populous nation. The event is scheduled to last for seven days, which will kick-start on 10th of October. The process will strengthen Yingdong’s commitment to assisting the retail sector to sustainably develop, and reduce the effects of China’s thriving consumption on the environment. During the event, will advocate for the reduction of pollution through reusable shopping bags that are manufactured from discard-apparel fabric.

That’s in correspondent to the WWF call to minimize pollution that is caused by plastics. uses those bags regularly in their operations; hence, it will be easier to distribute them for free throughout the event. Besides, they will provide RFID Chips which can be scanned as coupons in the offline stores via the Yingdong partners. Green Plant-Sustainable Weeks will launch a new clothing drive in line with the firm’s recycling program. The firm will use its nationwide in-house logistics system that covers 99% of the Chinese population collecting both used and unused clothes from their clients. The cloths will be distributed to the needy or be sent to the recycling facilities. Proceeds from the program will be gifted to charity groups, people with disabilities, and to lower-income families.

During last year, the drive was conducted in four cities in a collection that involved 150 million people gathering 20 tons of clothing. However, this year the drive will cover 74 cities. Customers will have an opportunity to trade-in their recycling home appliances by third-party firms through the Yingdong platform. The appliances will be disassembled, and the parts are used in repairs helping in the reduction of waste generated by appliances. All the logistics data for tracing the trade-ins and donations are available via proprietary supply-chain management technology. According to the head of market practice at WWF China, Zhonghao Jin, China is thriving economically because of the rise of consumption of goods and services despite numerous environmental challenges. Presently, YIngdong fraternity is ready to use its influence in advocating for the pollution reduction.

Mergers and Acquisitions are Bringing Forward Huge-Profit Investment Opportunities

Paul Mampilly is a renowned American investor, Profits Unlimited Founder and former hedge fund manager. With over 25 years in the investment industry, Paul Mampilly has a lot of investment insights he can share. In an article published in Banyan Hill, he talks about how investing in mergers and acquisitions can have huge returns.According to Paul Mampilly, patience is a virtue he learned from his grandfather. Markets can be hard to predict, but if you have the patience to ride with it through the ups and downs, you will be better placed. The importance of research was also brought to his attention by his grandfather. Paul Mampilly believes that you must seek to know how a company is doing, especially if you are looking to invest in stock. You should be able to tell how the company is going to do in the future.You can profit from a company that is being acquired even if you don’t work for the company.

Huge markups to allow for huge profits

There is a potentially huge profits to be earned just before a company is acquired. For instance, you can earn huge profits from buying a stock right before a company is bought by a huge company.Essentially, according to Paul Mampilly, the target companies here are small companies with low debts and huge cash in-flow. Therefore, the company can sell, say, a new technology with a huge mark up to allow for huge profits which are transferred to shareholders.

The opportunities are available all over the world

There have been a lot of M&As in the past few years. In 2017 alone, there were over 50,000 deals across the world, of which 25% took place in US. The US market has registered huge M&A deals such as Disney acquiring part of Twenty-First Century Fox, although the deal is not yet complete.Paul points out the oil sector as the one seeing a lot of mergers and acquisitions. Smaller companies made huge strides in the sector and are earning a lot of money. This will drive up the need for huge companies to acquire them in order to expand their own production.

Rapidly growing economies

A lot of deals have been done in the US through August, amounting to more than $120 billion. Outside the USA, the M&A India market is full of opportunities today. There a lot of companies are looking to invest in India, since it’s a quickly growing economy.

Charlamagne Tha God: All Publicity Is Good Publicity


Charlamagne Tha God is a radio host for the syndicated talkshow “The Breakfast Club” as well as a bestselling author. H

Charlamagne is known for his unconventional and controversial style. With the nickname “the Howard Stern of hip-hop”, Charlamagne seems to enjoy his niche as a smack-talker, or as he calls himself, a “truth teller.” He is vocal about issues in pop culture that he does not enjoy and has no qualms about calling out people or behavior he doesn’t like.

Sometimes his criticism results in him being fired back at by celebrities. As a major commentator on rap music, the form this takes is often Charlamagne The God’s presence in a dis track. He tends to let things roll off his back though, so he doesn’t have too many long-term feuds.

One recent dis track featuring mention of Charlamagne was from popular rapper Eminem, who released a surprise album called “Kamikaze” just before September. On the album there are two songs which mention Charlamagne in a negative context. View Related Info Here.

The initial incident that spawned these rhymes by Eminem was at the Cypher awards show on BET where Eminem was perceived to have used a homophobic slur toward one of his friends. Charlamagne Tha God called him out on this language and then seemed to think the incident was over, since this occurred back in January.

But nearly nine months later, Eminem released the disses. Charlamagne declined to respond with more insults, saying that he was happy he was famous enough for a big-name performer like Eminem to take the time to insult him. Citing the adage that all publicity is good publicity, Charlamagne actually complimented the album and reiterated his prior stance that he was a huge Eminem fan and considered the Detroit rapper to be on of the best lyricists in rap music.


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The Way Jose Auriemo Brought New Ideas to JHSF

Jose Auriemo is the current president of JHSF which is a company that is owned by family members. Since Jose had been working in the company from the time he was in his teenage years, he was given the opportunity to lead the company as the president when he was 30 years old. Many investors thought that the step that had been taken by JHSF was a great risk to the company. However, this was a good move that the company made because giving Jose an opportunity to lead also gave the company a chance to try on new ideas that were fresh in the market.


Jose Zeco’s Early Life

While with his family, José is normally referred to as Zeco. Since he was young Zeco was liked by almost every member of his family since he was a vibrant young who had started showing his; leadership skills at a very early age. While in his teenage, Zeco attended a meeting of International Youth Coexistence that took place in Japan. He also started traveling at a very early age like he used to be accompanied by one Nelson Pessoa Filho to Europe where they used to practice their Horse riding.

While working at JHSF Zeco was also studying for his Engineering degree at Sau Paulo. This was his way of preparing for his major task of taking over the difficult role of leading his family’s company.


Achievements of Jose Auriemo at JHSF

After acquiring his degree in Engineering and getting all the necessary experience that he needed to take over the company leadership, Zeco  Auriemo was given the opportunity to lead JHSF. Zeco took over the company a lot of eager to take the company to another level. He introduced a strategy that would earn the company a lot of profits through his cooperation with a branch of real estate Company that operated in big cities. Although it first appeared as a risk for the company Auremo’s determination to see his strategy to go through made the company a lot of profits. Zeco brought all the useful strategies that JHSF needed in order to enable its company to go global.


Vinod Gupta Supports Education Of Many In India And America


Vinod Gupta is a prominent businessman from India. He is the Managing General Partner at Everest Group and the former owner of InfoUSA. He holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Before heading to the United States, he was at the Indian Institute of Technology where he earned his bachelor’s degree. After being successful in the United States, he did not forget his alma mater. He has made sure that the university has benefited from the opportunity it gave him many decades ago. Vinod Gupta has donated $2 million which have gone to the creation of Vinod Gupta School of Management.


Today, Vinod Gupta School of Management is the best business school in India and the whole of Asian–Pacific. The school was established in 1993 and offers MBA option as well as other options for the working students. The school has a massive library that has essential resources for students pursuing advanced level education. The library is the biggest in India. The school also has boarding facilities to facilitate accommodation for students traveling from far distances.


In 2006, Vinod Gupta established the Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law. This school was set up in collaboration with the George Washington University in the United States. A prominent institution when it comes to law education. The school becomes the first to specialize in Intellectual Property Law. The school is also established under the umbrella of IIT and therefore incorporates technology and law. Through the partnership with the George Washington University, the school enjoys best course planning and interactions between students of both universities. Read This Article to learn more.


Another school that has not been forgotten in the push to create better opportunities for students is the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Vinod Gupta has offered a $500,000 scholarship fund to students who want to pursue engineering and science courses and might need financial aid.


Vinod Gupta has a special focus on Women’s Education. He has built a girls school in his hometown. He has ensured that this school is fully funded through his initiative. The step he has made is historical in that it addresses the gender gap in education. With such initiatives, the gap will be closed.


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Ted Bauman: Economist, Editor, and Financial Adviser

Ted Bauman is an exemplary person who has dedicated much of his career towards connecting people with resources that assist them in living a much freer financial or sovereign life. Born in Washington, D.C, and partly raised on the eastern shore of Maryland, Bauman later moved to South Africa while still a young person. As a graduate of the University of Cape Town, Ted Bauman went ahead to focus much of his career on matters relating to economics and history. For many years, Bauman acted as a financial advisor assisting people in dire need of such advice. Before being part of organizations such as the Slum Dwellers International (an initiative that went ahead to assist more than 14 million individuals in more than 35 nations), Bauman acted as a fund manager for a housing project aimed for low-income groups in the society.

Bauman’s career spans far and wide. He has managed to act as a consultant for a host of governments across the globe in addition to being sought by the United Nations to advise on a number of policy options. The experiences gave him a clear and further comprehension of how economics and politics go on to influence the society. Having stayed overseas for long, Ted Bauman returned to his native country where he assumed the position of Director of International Programs, a role that fitted him well based on his past experiences that saw him occupying various roles at different capacities.

It was in 2013 when Ted Bauman became part of the Banyan Hill Publishing serving as the editor of The Bauman Letter, a newsletter whose intention is to provide financial advice to individuals on the importance of not only securing but preserving wealth. Here, Ted Bauman provides unique investment strategies that have helped a lot of subscribers of this newsletter. If you happen to take an interest in some of Bauman’s tips, you’ll realize that if you are on the path towards creating for yourself a financially free life, then some of the tips that he offers may go a long way into helping you achieve such.


The Meteoric Rise of Peter Briger

Peter Briger knows success. Even before he took his current position as the Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group, Briger has led a professional life which has laid down a pattern of success which few have rivaled.

After he earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Princeton University, Peter Briger went on to get his MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. His current success at Fortress Investment Group began in 2002, but before that he spent time at Goldman Sachs, showcasing Peter Briger’s leadership and talent in a myriad of roles. During his tenure there he specialized in real estate, loans and trading, foreign investments and distressed debt. His skills earned him the position as co-CEO when he moved over to Fortress.

The rise of Peter Briger was a quick one, and that was mirrored in Fortress Investment Group. Founded in 1998, Fortress rose rapidly as a private equity firm, founded by Wesley R. Edens. It did not take long for the company to expand into debt securities, hedge funds and real estate-related investments. The investments experienced a rapid growth in those early years, with private equity funds showing a net growth of 39.7% in the time between 1999 and 2006.

Peter Briger learned a lot in the first few years of his career, and he applied that expertise to Fortress. He made the company one of the first alternative investment companies to go public in America. Briger helps to convert distressed financial instruments into money and has built up Fortress into a company which manages assets totaling more than $65 billion.

Having a prominent position in a multi-billion dollar company isn’t the extent of the life of Peter Briger, either. He is also still active in his former school. Briger is one of a group of Princetown graduates who support startup companies through the Princetown University Investment Company.

OSI Industries and Customer Experience

OSI Industries is an international food processing firm. The firm expanded its operations in Spain by coming up with a new production line. The Spain plant is called OSI Food Solutions. The plant will now be able to double its chicken production because of the new production plant. The expansion will also see improvements in storage areas, production areas as well as security.

Since the OSI Industries came into existence in 1909, it has always been concerned about the quality of customer experience including innovative ways of coming up with manufacturing food products. OSI Industries’ focus on research and development and the test kitchen including the production plant have enabled the company to produce several famous food products for commercialization.

The expansion that just took place at OSI Food Solutions was planned after there was a growing demand throughout Spain and Portugal for chicken items. There has been an increasing demand in the last decade which saw the company increase its sales by 6%. However, the numbers have changed, and the demand has grown by 8% in the last three years.

This project took place at the company’s operations location in Toledo Spain, and it cost the OSI Industries 17 million Euros to finish. After the construction came to an end, the company was able to raise its capacity for chicken production from 12,000 to 24,000 tons yearly, bringing the total production capacity to 45,000 tons of beef, pork, and chicken.

In addition to this, the expansion also made the organization to add a total of 22,600 square feet to the building that led to new

  • Social area for workers
  • Service areas
  • Refrigerated rooms for storage of waste containers
  • Storage areas
  • Receiving and shipping areas
  • Production hall

Moreover, the plant also received a new test kitchen which will help in the improvement of product development as well as being in a better position to meet the growing demands of the increasing client base. The dietary preferences and the tastes of the consumers are ever changing across the world, and the company has to place itself in the best position to cater to these demands.

Apart from advancing the production capacity, that project also ensured that there was an overall security improvement within the organization. This will ensure that the employees and the products are well protected. Surveillance systems and perimeter access control were installed including the indoor and outdoor cameras. Additionally, the firefighting system also received some improvements.