Sightsavers’ Valiant Fight Against Trachoma

Have you ever heard of an organization that’s known as Sightsavers? Well, if you haven’t heard about this phenomenal organization, then you’re not alone. Sightsavers may not be a household name, but it has provided invaluable services for people who suffer with eye issues. Some of the biggest news of year has just come out of Africa. The Ghanaian people of West Africa has been cleared of all trachoma issues. Yes, this is absolutely correct and Sightsavers has been the main contributing factor. Since the start of the millennium, this progressive organization has been working exclusively in Ghana. Did you know that there was a reported 2.8 million people in Ghana who were estimated of being at risk for this disease?

Sightsavers is very thorough, is very productive and is very efficient with its task. This charitable organization was founded by Sir John Wilson back in 1950. Back in the day, the organization was known as the British Empire Society for the Blind. Trachoma can be very painful as well as disheartening. The disease is basically referred to as a neglected-tropical disease, and it’s the leading cause of blindness via infection. There are many factors that must be in place for these conditions to take place, including a shortage of clean water, infestation of flies and improper sanitation. Unfortunately, these conditions seem to thrive in Ghana, but the disease is treatable. If left untreated, trachoma will cause blindness. Flies tend to carry the disease throughout villages. Since the disease is infectious, it can be spread by touch or can be spread by clothing/bedding.


Sightsavers has certainly done its job to the fullest. This extraordinary organization has definitely raised the bar much higher than it has ever been, and it has surely changed the status quo.