The Success Of Brown Modeling Agency

James Brown is the top notch modeling executive making major moves with his modeling agency. His work has put several models from Austin, Texas on the map. However before James was leading the way of modeling in Texas, he was an ambitious working model destined for success.


James Brown was born in Reno, Nevada. Brown grew up across the state line in California. Once he turned eighteen years old, he got involved in the modeling business where he jumped from one California firm to the next. This taught him the tricks of the trade. At twenty-one years old, he worked with getting the right photos for models and introducing them to the largest agencies in the world. It was in college where James began modeling. His one hundred dollars per hour was much better pay than what most college students were making. However, his focus in modeling began to change. He wanted to put his business management degree to work by being involved in the business side of the modeling industry.


He moved to Austin, Texas in 2005 and noticed the budding modeling industry growing there. He saw an opportunity. He would later be apart of the building and foundation of one of Austin’s major modeling companies that would take Austin and the world by storm.


Acquired by Wilhelmina Austin Company, the Brown Modeling Agency is ran by president and CEO James Brown. The Brown Modeling Agency was launched in 2010. Since then, the agency has worked with hundreds of models bringing commercial and high-end modeling jobs to those living in that area. Because of the amount of success the agency has done, the Brown Modeling Agency is set to be the most valuable entity under the Wilhelmina Austin Company’s umbrella of companies.


The leader of this accomplished modeling agency has took talent from Austin, Texas with alternative and cool vibes to the trendy places of Miami and New York City. James Brown and his team of seven work tirelessly to create their roster of models for the largest companies seeking talent. He has gotten models to work for major companies like Loreal and Louis Vuitton.


Although most of the Brown Modeling Agency’s talent book jobs in Dallas and Houston, James Brown’s company is putting Austin, Texas on the map with its skilled models. The Brown Modeling Agency is setting the standard for elite models in Texas. They do so by training models for the professional world and giving them the experience of working with big brands. There is so much more to come from this amazing agency. We will be watching closely to see the talent of Austin gracing the runways of the world’s largest and most famous companies. You can visit their Instagram page.